My Saks Off 5th had a pair of Jimmy Choo Knee High Patent Leather Boots


Mar 21, 2006
New York
Ahh - here they are from the Jimmy Choo website, except they're knee high instead of ankle high. The picture makes me love them even more. They are now staying!!:yes:

I can't believe the STEAL of a bargain you got on the knee high version of these boots!!! :nuts: I have them and waited for Saks' after Thanksgiving sale to buy them. Even then, I *wish* I only paid $299 for them! YOU MUST KEEP THOSE FABULOUS BOOTS!

I have actually worn them a ton of times and put together outfits around the boots. I debated for some time as to whether I should keep them -- I also work in a conservative work environment, and spend so much time at work that it leaves very little time to go out. I've now paired them with everthing from DVF wrap dresses and knee length skirts, to skinny jeans and minis.
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crazy for chalcedony
Apr 23, 2006
compulsivepurse, i can't believe you got those amazing choos for $299!!! :nuts:
i am so glad you are keeping them. those shoes are really hot.
Nov 11, 2006
Washington, D.C.
Thanks, everyone!!!

My Saks Off 5th was having it's Dec 26th sale.

They were in the Off 5th to begin with because somehow the leather lining inside one of the boots got scratched up. But the outside and the soles are perfect!
Aug 27, 2006
LOL, what size to you wear...I'm a 37.5 in choo heels or 38 in a boot...hint hint...

Oh they are beauties, do not take them back!!!!!! Wear them...just to the grocery store if you have to!!!:wlae: