My Saks Off 5th had a pair of Jimmy Choo Knee High Patent Leather Boots

  1. For $299. And in my size. So I impulse bought them!!!!

    My question is, should I keep them? Really, what does a mother of two toddlers who works full time at a desk as an engineer need with Knee High Patent Leather Boots? I feel like I will stare at them lovingly but never get a chance to wear them :confused1: .

    Should I keep them? What do you wear knee-high leather boots with?
  2. What color patent leather are they? As far as not being able to wear them, sometimes I think you just need to make occasions to wear them. You can always get by wearing something that no one will notice, but everyone once in a while, it's nice to stand out. Enjoy them. I'm sure they are beautiful.
  3. ^^^Completely agree with hawaiilei! Keep them!
  4. yes, I want to know what color? if you can afford them, keep them and wear them!
  5. Hi - they're black. Thanks!
  6. What a great deal!! I have patent leather boots from Miu Miu that I mostly wear with sweater dresses and knitwear, I feel it sort of tones them down.
  7. I think as a mom you really can get use out of them-long tunic shirts and sweaters with those boots tucked in skinny jeans-fabulous!!!!
  8. Keep them! You can't get a deal like that anywhere!
  9. Sounds like you got a great deal. Definitely keep them. Wear them with skinny jeans and be the hottest mom around.:supacool:
  10. Should I keep them? What do you wear knee-high leather boots with?[/quote]

    Yes and nothing. And tell your husband I said he's welcome.:p
  11. Thanks, everyone! I have decided to keep them. Both for your advice (I have no skinny jeans or kint skirts so I guess I will be shopping!) and because when I tried them on my 4 yr old said, "What are those?" I replied, "They're my new boots. Do you like them?" And he said, "Yeah." :heart: So we have a winner. Also, my husband did like them.

    I can always say that instead of spending $300 I didn't need to that I saved us $700, right? LOL!
  12. Ahh - here they are from the Jimmy Choo website, except they're knee high instead of ankle high. The picture makes me love them even more. They are now staying!!:yes:

  13. They are really gorgeous :love:
  14. Congrats on your boots! I always love a good deal!
  15. wow i really love them. im glad you are keeping them!!!