My Sahara Work RH has arrived! Come and See!

  1. The pics do not do this color justice, it is amazing! Super creamy, like a marriage between Sandstone and Naturel with a dash of caramel. It is a lovely neutral bag that is really neutral, not too brown, just right.

    Now the size was a bit shocking at first, but now I think it is really cool, my cities kinda seem small now! This Sahara beauty is hanging in my closet now with weights in it to stretch it a bit, it will be really great, IMHO, once the leather relaxes.

    Honestly, bbag friends, does it look way too big on me? Like it may eat me alive? Honest opinions please!

  2. It's gorgeous - it's a big bag, but you totally pull it off! Oooooo - me wantee;)
  3. Beautiful bag ... congrats! I don't think it's too big at all on you ... looks great!
  4. Congrats girlie.:yahoo: It looks great on you.:tup: Doesn't it make you mad that you can't capture the true color of these bags with Camera?:cursing: It makes me so frustrated. I think i took 20 shots of my FB City this morning and none came out close to the true color.:sad: Your bag is gorgeous and you look fab as always.:heart:
  5. Shasta, I think the size looks great on you, and I love the Sahara color! It is beautiful. I love the work size - my fav! You are just beautiful, and the bag is great!
  6. You look great with your sahara! Congrats!
  7. gorgous!!!! congrats on ur work! now i want one!!
  8. THank you Suzzeee, Moonstar, Nanaz, Lovelygarments, Spylove, and mimi23. I was a bit nervous, but it just fits so well and comfortably. I know I am insanely picky to the point of OCD, and I give this color and leather 2 :tup:! Anyone considering it should go for it, in any size or shape. THe color is just classic. I have gotten really lucky with the s/s leather this year.

    Thanks for the compliments, I have a partially dislocated hip right now (traing for another marathon) so anything to lift my spirits is so nice. I went to the CHiropracter and pyhsical therapist after I took the pics and they both freaked that I was wearing heels. Heels are like tennis shoes, right? I wear them every day. Annoying.... Anyway, thanks for the cheer!
  9. Shasta, you look stunning!!
  10. I think the Work looks perfect on you!!

    Girl, get yourself some clogs and be kind to your joints :yes:

    I love my heels but when I know I am going to be standing/walking for an extended period of time, my clogs are a godsend :yes:

    And heck- you could easily fit a spare pair of shoes in that bag :graucho:
  11. GORGEOUS Sahara work!!!!!! I LOVE it and I definitely think the work looks stunning on you! You will get used to the size quickly!!!! Hope you feel better soon!!!!!
  12. that size is PERFECT on you!!! simply smashing - love the light color too, very classy and chic. the work size was a great choice to showcase all that yummy bal leather :tup:
  13. Sorry, I have to say that it looks FABULOUS on you - the size looks great. Don't talk yourself out of this one - it's amazing!:yes:
    and sorry about your hip - I hate being put out of commission.
  14. Wow! It's gorgeous and you wear it so well. Def looks great. I love the colour. Your description is great too, thanks.

    You say it has a dash of caramel (one of my favourite colours), I was hoping this.

    Hm, no I'm not at all convinced I'd be satisfied with a Day, your work looks so stunning! Please post some more pics when she's broken in a bit.
  15. oh what a great bag - and you wear it so well! congrats!