my saddle exeter!

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  1. eeeep i have a slight dilemma!

    so i bought a saddle exeter on ebay a week ago. the seller had no useful info up on the listing other than it was slightly used but in excellent condition. i emailed the seller to ask about wrinkling, tearing, etc and she responded that there was "light fading on the stripe." so i was like ok, light fading won't be a big deal.

    i got the bag today and it's beaaautiful. i love the exeter shape. it's honestly my new favorite shape because i think it's the perfect size for me, just slightly smaller than the mandy, which is a bittt too big. BUT. the light fading is.......not as light as i hoped it'd be?? which is stupid of me--i should have asked for pics but she responded to me about 15 hours before the auction was ending and i made a semi-impulse buy because saddle exeters are so hard to find.

    i've attached pics and the close-ups. it's a bit more noticeable than what you see in the pics but i can't use flash cause that just whites everything out. is there anything i can do about this? i can't tell if it's dirty or if some of the paint came off or what??? but i'm too scared to just go scrubbing at it in case it makes the paint chip off more since it's slightly cracking there as well. i have some non-alcoholic baby wipes so maybe i can try lightly brushing it with those. any other suggestions? i'm frustrated because i saw it and was SO EXCITED because i think this is THE lamb bag for me and i can't get over the fading or whatever it is ARGH. i know it's not a huge deal so i hope ya'll don't think i'm nuts for being so concerned about it, lol.

    any help would be met with lots and lots of thanks and love :heart::heart::heart::flowers::flowers::flowers:
    Picture 001.jpg Picture 003.jpg Picture 004.jpg
  2. If the cracking bothers you a lot, I would personally just to return the bag and get a refund. The saddle exeter is my all time dream lamb and I was watching this auction, but I didn't bid because I knew the cracking would bug me a lot and it would get in the way of me enjoying my dream lamb. Think about whether it would bother you, and if it is, perhaps a return would be the right way to go (even if it means a "SNAD" paypal claim). The pictures you showed are a lot worse than the ones from the I would definitely call it "significantly not as described." It looks like the seller tried repainting the white stripe, you can tell in the 2nd and 3rd pics because the line/border is not straight at all and you can see an uneven layer of white paint.

    If you think it isn't that big of a deal and you can live with it, then go ahead and try fixing the problem (do not do this if there's a chance you might want to return it, the seller does not have to take it back if you have altered it in any way). Take it to a handbag specialist and see what they can do to help. Hopefully there is something that can be done, maybe they can repaint it neatly and fix the white stripe.

    Good luck! Keep us updated :yes: :flowers:

  3. I agree with this! It sounds like this bothers you, and I don't blame you one bit! This is definitely a "not as described" auction, and it almost sounds like the seller tried to cover something up. Of course sometimes people just really don't think about conveying everything properly in a written listing. In any case, I have to admit there is no way I would keep this bag, though...just because I would be really disappointed and don't want to deal with the hassle of trying to get it repaired. Have you checked Off 5th Saks or Nordstrom Rack for this bag (are they in your area)?? I could have sworn I saw these a few weeks ago at Off 5th. I don't always have a good memory, though, especially when it comes to specific styles.

    You can first contact the seller, and sometimes they will offer you a partial refund or simply let you return it. I would ask directly about whether it was painted and get her response...I think the other poster is right about that. And it's on the front of the bag!!

    Honestly... I would be very leery of the cracking. It could be because it's painted, or could be that it's just flawed and the leather piece is dried out. Sometimes this is a manufacturer's defect or because the bag has dried out under certain conditions (if people mistakenly store bags in plastic tubs, for example). I'm kind of leery of the cracking on the leather trim in general from your photos (at least how it looks on my monitor).... or maybe that's just because of the way your macro makes the grain look?? If it's cracked all over IRL, though...I say definitely return it!

    Be careful of using anything alkaline on the bag. I would avoid magic erasers, and probably also the Oxy Spray Away. It's possible you may lift some or all of the color and make it worse if you try to do anything... and then if you do return it, the seller will fight you that you didn't return it back to her in the same condition. I sell on Ebay and know that usually paypal will not refund your entire purchase price if that happens. My guess is this person bought it on final sale because it had this damage, and she or someone else tried to paint over that. She might have even bought it that way too.

    I'm sorry you have to deal with this. I know how disappointing Ebay can be! Good luck!! That's so sad!! :crybaby:
  4. Aww, I'm really sorry and I agree that stripe has definitely been repainted. The edge lines are nowhere near straight. I would definitely try and return it as significantly not as described. I'm sorry, I know the Exeter is so hard to come by. But I don't think you will be happy keeping this one.
  5. it kinda looks like the seller used that white sneaker paint, that you used to cover up the cracks and stains on your sneakers. I would send it back and if you used paypal you will get your $$$ back.
  6. I am so sorry...whomever owned that bag before you did not take care of that bag....thats a sin in this lambie world of ours!!!
  7. If you love the bag and want to keep it in the condition it's in, you could ask the seller for a partial refund. If not, and you're not happy with the bag, you could return it. It depends how much you love it and how much the stripe bothers you
  8. thanks so much everyone!

    the hardest part is deciding whether it's worth it to keep because i don't know how it'd turn out if i did try to fix it and that's ultimately what my decision would be based on, you know? but you all are right, i would not want to keep it the way it was, because $200 is still a fair amount of money for a bag and i just got two mbmj bags so it's not like i'm craving a new bag right now. it was really more that this was THE bag.

    i'm definitely going to email the seller right now and ask what happened to the stripe and if she did any self-repairs on it, let her know i'm dissatisfied with it and see where it goes from there. i'm hoping she doesn't give me a hassle, because i do understand that people who aren't in love with handbags might not see the cracking/fading as a big deal, so maybe she didn't mean to downplay it so much in her description to me.

    my question now would be: what are my chances of winning a SNAD dispute on paypal if it did come down to that? i've never filed one so i'm not quite sure how the process goes. i have all the pics from the original auction saved, as well as her response to me that it was only "light fading." the weird thing is in her auction, the stripe doesn't really look all that messed up in terms of how straight the lines are. so did she try to fix it AFTER she took the pictures, or is it just that the poor quality of the picture made it not show up as well? and would that have any effect on my dispute??

    here's the link to the auction for reference:

    thanks again to everyone. i'm so disappointed but i knew i could count on you guys here to help me through it :heart:
  9. I've never had to file a SNAD before but to me the pictures you took of the stripe says it all. It's obvious it has been altered so she should've mentioned that in her listing. You know there was a Saddle Exeter on Ebay a little while back where the seller did mention that she'd had the stripe repainted. I'm wondering if it never sold and she decided to relist without that tidbit of information? Can't be sure though. I hope that the seller is cooperative with you. And let us know what happens.

  10. Gee! I am so sorry that this happened to you!! I know how fustrating it must be. The same thing kind of happened to me where I bought the L.A.M.B. ombre mandeville bag which the seller claimed to be brand new without tags. I clearly emailed her asking her if there was any wear, wrinkling or marks on the bag. She of course said no it is Brand new. Well I got the bag and was really disappointed the bag was clearly used because the hardware was scratched up and the bottom of the purse had marks and stains like she attempted to clean it. I opened a dispute with paypal right away and emailed her that I wasn't happy with the condition of the bag. Well got my money back and just bought the bag brand new from Nordstrom. But yeah from the pics you posted you can clearly see that the stripe was painted and doesn't look the same like the pics she posted on the listing. I just can't understand why sellers try to deceive people with what they are selling why?? not just be honest about it:confused1::confused1: Well I wish you luck!!!
  11. Like knasarae said, the pictures say it all. The seller did a really good job of not focusing on the imperfections and IMO, hiding them in her photos.

    If the seller is uncooperative and you file a SNAD, paypal has a tendency to side with the buyer anyway. The ebay forum would be a really helpful place to go if that's what you end up doing. My advice is to make sure to save every bit of correspondance with the seller so you can compile a file to email paypal and make a strong case. Since you have saved everything so far, it sounds like you already have a very strong case. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
  12. Wait to see if she offers the refund on her own (the seller)....paypal asks if you've tried that already when you start the dispute process (working it out on your own). If she doesn't go to paypal. Do save every single bit of email because paypal might ask for it. I filed a dispute with them in February and got my money back through paypal.

    I don't think it really matters if she tried to fix it after the auction or before the auction and it didn't show in the photos - the bag you received doesn't look like the pictures and a repair, or damage bad enough to necessitate that kind of repair, should have been clearly stated in the auction. I would think you have a pretty good case. Maybe it won't come to that though because a paypal resolution can take up to 30 days.
  13. if the seller refuse to cooperate, open a dispute claim either through to paypal or your credit card company/bank..
  14. hey guys--

    so this is what the seller wrote back to me:

    "i recieved this bag at Nordstroms. it was worn before. if you are unhappy with it, i have one you can exchange. its a little larger and i can send you pics through email, the stripe is all one color, not faded. but please send back the other purse first if you would like"

    so she's sounds pretty reasonable! i know it's too early to be sure, but i'm definitely a little relieved right now. i asked her what the other purse was and if i could have pictures of it, and what condition it was in. in my email to her i didn't ask for a refund specifically, i asked what options she'd be comfortable with for us to resolve this issue and so i guess she'd rather i do an exchange than a refund. if i don't have any interest in the next purse (to be honest, i'm a litttlee skeptical since she's semi-fibbed about the condition before), i'm definitely going to request a refund. i'll keep you guys updated!
  15. just to specify, in my FIRST email i didn't ask for a refund, so i can sort of understand why she didn't bring that up as an option. in THIS email i just sent as a reply i made it clear that either way i'd be sending the purse back, for either a refund or the exchange. hopefully this all works out :sweatdrop: