My sad story with my lovely Ikat RI.

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  1. Hi all members,
    I have a sad story. I have NF GM Ikat RI. After some time, i notice lots of chipping on the leather. I only wear the bag twice. So i bring back to LV. I was so happy because my SA can help me to repair it for free. The repair took about 2 months, due to the spare parts. 3 weeks ago I collected my bag. Again, i was so happy because my bag looks like a new bag.
    Last week, i wear the bag, after that, i notice another chipping issue ! I wanna cry. I quickly bring the bag back to LV. Again my SA help me to get it repair. But now i really turn off with the bag. :sad:
    Below is some pics :

    1st and 2nd pics is the first chipping issue.. 3rd pic is 3 weeks ago after i picked her up.. 4th and 5th pics is my bag condition after repair on my 1st time used.. :sad:

    I love this bag. I really do.. After they repair for the 2nd time, i know i will feel scared to use it. :sad: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395918816.294110.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395918844.191440.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395918537.214621.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395918658.196240.jpg ATTACH]

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  2. That is so terrible! It's great that your SA is so helpful but I would be scared to use the bag and what fun is that? What do you think you are going to do? Maybe only use it for special occasions.

  3. My SA is very nice. She help me. But i really dont know what to do once i collect the bag. I am to scared to use it, even only for special occasions. :sad:
  4. If this quality issue persists, you should be allowed to receive your money back or a brand new bag. Actually, my ikat gm is under repair for the same reasons and it's not a funny thing. :mad:
  5. I am so sorry for you. It is such a beautiful bag that deserves to be worn and not just kept in the dutsbag. Returning the bag and receiving money can be an option, but I understand that you bought the bag to wear it and not to be afraid to wear it.
  6. I dont think they will return my money. I havent ask my SA about this idea. But if they can return my money, i will take this option. Because i dont think i will use that bag ever again. :sad:
  7. so sorry to see those heatbreaking chipping :nogood: can you try to ask your SA if you can have a store credit instead?

  8. What color is your ikat ? For repair it took around 2 months. I wear only 1 time for around 3 hours, but the repair will took 2 months ! Its just crazy..

  9. Tomorrow i will ask my SA for this option. I hope they can give me store credit.
  10. such a shame. i love the ikats and originally got ri but returned it and got rv. have not had issues with that color. the leather definitely should not be doing this, but if it were mine, i might just decide to use it, not go crazy over the chipping , and try to focus on the overall bag. you already know it will probably happen again but this bag is so very pretty, do you think you could just accept the issues and enjoy using it despite them? that is probably what i would do at this point if i were in your place. having said that, if it will truly distress you, then you could ask them to exchange it for another bag choice. so sorry this happened and it is a really beautiful bag in my opinion. i wish they would test drive these bags before marketing them. you would think they would then know where the issues will be and remedy them before the bag is mass produced. best of luck : )
  11. I would push for a refund/store credit, too. This is unacceptable.

  12. I come back to LV is because of their quality. I cheat on lots of brand and im back to LV. This is really shocking to me. I thought LV have the best quality ever. I can not accept my bag condition. Especially because i total only use it not even 10 times. I know she is soooo pretty. But i can not deal with those chipping issue. :sad:

  13. I will tried to speak with my SA. I hope she can help me.

  14. +1!!

  15. Wish me luck.. Im so nervous. I dont think they will give me store credit..