My sad squashed little newbie ..........update

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  1. Does anyone remember my sad squashed little newbie reveal :crybaby:

    Well she's been well and truly stuffed for a few weeks and been given plenty of nourishment and pampering.............and thanks to lots of helpful tips from all you lovely Ladies, especially Mayfly with the flap wrapped round a can of Collonil, worked brilliantly :tup::tup: I am saving the cardboard under the flap idea for my squishy Alexa. And of course thank you Elvis :urock: the naughty little enabler ;)

    I have been very patient but here she finally is, my Little Squishy..........all better and ready for her first trip out. I am really thrilled with how she's turned out, even the corners are all perfect again. She did come with a Cloche but I needed somewhere to put my hearts :lol: so she might stay that way

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  2. Wow she looks good! x
  3. What a transformation - well done you for the patience & tlc - well worth it, that is a lovely bag (and the hearts look fab on her) xx
  4. Great result......and a bargain to boot
  5. Lovely looking bag. Its amazing what a bit of effort can do. Enjoy !
  6. You did a good job! She is lovely.
  7. Fab bag
  8. Looks amazing, you can do wonders with some TLC, bet you are thrilled with her x x
  9. Lovely bag
  10. Thank you everyone, yes she was a real bargain, and now looks amazing, with just a little TLC , more patience than anything having to just wait :lol: The leather is gorgeous, and smells divine, a fabulous traditional Mulberry............I love this size in the Bays, so handy,
  11. Well done she's gorgeous
  12. She's gorgeous! All she needed was a bit of love from the right person!
  13. She's a beauty! Well done! X
  14. Wow she has shaped up well, amazing what a bit of TLC can do. :ghi5: