My sad squashed little newbie.....Quicky reveal

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  1. So i sold my only EW Bays quite some time ago, she was chocolate brown. I found the Croc print a bit too formal looking and very stiff. I have been desperately looking for a replacement for sometime

    I love chocolate brown and was really sorry to hear there will probably be no more. I managed to get hold of a Choc SBS in the sale but they really aren't for me......................gorgeous bag but a little on the small side and a bit too cute at my age. So she just had to go back as we just didn't get on

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  2. Then a lovely, lovely TPFer mention to me there was just what I had been trying to get hold of half price in the sale

    She arrived today looking very sad & squashed. It was obvious why she hadn’t been snapped up. Sadly she was also packed very badly making it far worse. The box was actually quite a bit smaller than the bag and she was “stuffed” inside.
    I will definitely still keep her, I just think a bit of TLC will do the trick. She is already stuffed very full and I will leave her to settle.

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    I have been looking for one for quite sometime, somehow I missed the Outlet specials that were available at the end last year. I was so miffed as the NVT was just what I wanted and I much prefer to buy new.
    So thanks to an :angel: I have got just what I was after, much better than the Outlet special

    I will post more pictures later when she comes out of “recovery”

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    (Your EW was gorgeous - I can't stop looking at her ...!)

    Oh, bless your poor little lady! A bit of tlc and I'm sure she'll come right for you, Mulberrygal; I once received a new black grainy print Bayswater from in a tiny box with the handles bent down so badly that they (and the cloche) had made deep imprints into the bag and the handles were never going to stand up - she had to go back ...

    As for the flap, I had a creased choc sbs and was given the hint to pack her out as normal and then put an empty tin of Collonil on the top of the packing; the bag flap would gradually mould itself around it and be restored to its former glory! It did seem to work!

    Congratulations on getting a lovely bag, though; she's a little sweetie and I'm sure you'll be very happy with her! :smile:
  5. Chocolate a great colour and EW is a much missed bag! I am sure all your tlc will restore this poor thing to its full beauty;)
  6. Gorgeous bag Mulberrygal - you can't beat a bit of chocolate! Yummy
  7. Gorgeous colour and leather - hope the intensive care works!
  8. I'm usually really fussy, but she looks gorgeous and I am sure she will perk right up. The grain looks perfect, very lush. Enjoy!
  9. What a clever tip,must admit I had never thought of that! thank you, I am off to add the Collonil to her packing :graucho: very useful product :lol:

    Must admit I am picky too but I love the leather and the grain is gorgeous.
  10. I feel confident she will be okay, the leather also feels quite dry. I expect she has been unloved for quite some time. Other than being squashed she is in lovely condition. The plastic is still thankfully on the lock and their are no scuffs or marks.

    I really miss the EW Bays it's a really handy size and very classy just like her big sister. The leather of the Croc print one I had was very stiff, making it quite hard to get in and out of in a smaller bag. I just love the NVT on this one ..............................And now I have somewhere to hang my Chocy hearts again :biggrin:
  11. Poor little thing after some tlc shell be wonderful!
  12. I see what you mean about the croc leather - the NVT looks softer without being slouchy.

    And what is that gem lurking behind the croc print bag in the first pic?!
  13. Great buy Mulberrygal.

    Oddly they sent my sbs (also slightly mushed) in a huge box. I wonder why they used a small one for you bag?
  14. I have the choc printed e/w bays, must get it out again. It's such a great size, I hope your new one recovers its shape. Is chocolate brown being withdrawn on all bags? I thought I heard that last year but nothing seemed to come of it. I think it's a big mistake if true.

  15. I think you're right about the choc being withdrawn; the lovely SA at BV brought out the current store book and showed me all the fab new colours and styles - and none of the colourways for ANY of the bags showed chocolate, only oak and black, as core colours ... A real pity, I think, as it's really versatile and I've become accustomed to the three "classic cores". :sad: