My sad Paddington story...

  1. I got the new bronze small padlock Paddington from Neimans at private night and guess what?! it's missing the key!!!! so I went back to the store and talked to the SA about it and see if they can find another one and she gave me a mean reply, "I'm sure everything's gone after the sale," and was extremely hesitant to call around. I left my number with her and asked her to call me when she finds a new one... what should I do? should I keep the bag? I wish the Prada/Bergdorf story can happen to me but I have no persuading power whatsoever... and afterall, Neimans is not Bergdorfs....
  2. I would request to have the SA call and find one for you. You did buy the bag and the key should be part of the purchase. How would they expect you to remove the lock without it? I don't think your asking to the least, get them to discount the bag for you because it does not have all the proper items.
  3. I would go back & ask to speak to a manager & advise her of the rude SA behaviour
  4. Yes, go back and talk to another SA, and if that one is not helpful, do not leave until you talk to a manager. Good luck, you can do this! You deserve a good product.
  5. I totally agree with pisdapisda & TAXGAGIRL... you purchased that bag from a major department store and you have every right to go back and get a key for your bag. That's really rude I think you should speak with th emanager about it and get htem to find you one.

    Goodluck! that really sucks though :T I hope they find you one.
  6. Ditto. you'd think they'd try a little harder to keep their customers happy, considering the kind of $$ they're dropping!!
  7. I would either ask for the department or store manager, or call the NM corp offices and explain your situation, including how rude the SA was to you. I could see if the bag was on clearance, or sold "as is" but if the bag was part of Private Night, it went back up to full price the next day, so they shouldn't be "all gone." That's just wrong!!!
  8. Did she at least let you use the key from another bag while you were there so that you could open the lock? At least then you could use the bag until a key is found.
  9. Definitely ask for a discount! The key is part of the bag and they should at the very least offer you a discount if they can't find it. But hopefully they will find it for you though. If not, try calling a Chloe boutique to see if they offer replacements for hardware like that - they should be able to!
  10. aww... Thank you all for your support. I will go back this weekend and make my statement!!!

    No, they didn't try with another key since this is the small padlock (the new one for spring 2007 I guess...) and they don't have another one to try it with.

    I'll keep you guys posted!
  11. If it's with the new "small" padlock then there is no way they would be able to not find you one. I would understand if it was an older style with padlock with a rare color but if it's new...well...we all know you can hunt down what you want. They should do that for you. It is NM and for what you paid for the bag...they should be very helpful to you. I hate to say it but when you go in there...don't let them be rude to you. Remind them that you are the customer and you have no problem taking this over their head. Good luck.:smile:
  12. They should order a replacement for you, the order is definitely not completed!
  13. either deserve a new bag with a key or a discount! let us know what happens!
  14. I am seriously so sick of NM's customer service ! Both online and in stores. They act as if they are doing us a favour by selling to us. I am just going to stick with Nordstrom as much as I can.
  15. ok guys,...

    so I got on the phone with a manager and she said that they are doing everything they could to locate a new bag for me. I told her that I'm open to any metallic paddingtons so if they find any, it would be ok.

    So we'll see....