My Sad Coach Story.

  1. Okay...So my Christmas wasn't all that wonderful. My mother told me that she'll get me a new Coach purse for Christmas, but today...I didn't get it. How sad. Sniff.* :crybaby:She told me that the purse that I wanted {the Gallery tote.} the price went up. So, instead she gave me $50, to make it up. Since I'm only an 8th grader...My semister in school is ending soon & plus, I have good grades...So I'll probably ask my mommy, if I can get a different purse. Hopefully, she gets me one! Wish me luck! But for now...I'll be content with whatever I have/got. Thanks for reading. :shame:
  2. I hope you get what you want soon!!!! :yes:
  3. Thanks.
  4. Aw, it's hard to be disappointed. You have a good attitude about it. I hope you get what you want too. It's too bad the prices went back up.
  5. maybe its a sign... ; P you'll probably love a new one even more!
  6. I hopee so. =]
  7. Did you see the thread Liz posted about the duffles still being $314 even though the website says the original price? If you are able to get the tote for $230, I'd call JAX and ask them if they are still marked down in spite of what the website says! And if you have a boutique nearby that would be nice and give you 25% off, you'd get it even cheaper!
  8. Really? Oh, wow! Thanks for telling me! :yahoo:I'll as my Mommy to call and check! Ooh, & I do have a bontique nearby! Thanks, tlloveshim!
  9. You're welcome! I just noticed the price is $230 on the website too!! I see you're in MN! I live in SD! BRRR!
  10. Yess, it's really cold in MN! Is there a lot of snow in SD?
  11. ^^ Not too much snow. We've got maybe 5-6 inches. Yesterday was in the 30s and it was fabulous! It felt so warm! Today is down in the 20s! Better than negative 20 though!

    I'm not sure how long the tote will be $230 on the website but if your mom is willing to get it for you, I'd do it now via and not even worry with the 25% off unless you call a boutique and are sure you can get it with the discount and for $230. It sounds like their right hand doesn't know what their left hand is doing at Coach right now so it could go back up at any time! Good luck!
  12. Thanks! Yess, I just saw the price on; & my mom is willing to get it, but we'll see. Thanks, though! :flowers:
  13. off topic but a ND'er/MN'er here (live in ND, horse in MN so i consider them both home hehhe) but Im a transplant from MA (lived in New england almost all my life until 15) so hi! lol.

    anyways, maybe youre mom will put it towards a cute pouch :smile:
  14. ^^ Hi, ND/MN gal! You have horses?? We have horses too!! Yay! How far from Fargo are you? I'm an hour or more South from Fargo.
  15. Hi ND/MN ladyy! My mom thought about getting me a pouch, but it seems to be too small, so I'm hoping for a hobo. So that it can fit all my stuff! {Wallet, lotion, digi - cam, & ect..} But yess, thanks for the advice, hunn!