my saba dillema

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  1. okay so i went to pull out my saba bag out of the closet to wear today and i was so upset when i saw this. It seems that being that i put another bag ontop of the saba dust bag, it "wrinkled" the leather. thats not the worst of it though. when i took it out, it seems that the last time i used it, i seemed to scrape the leather on the bottom side. well i don't know if its a scrape or transfer of dye. the lil corner has a blueish tint. grrrrr!!!! what the hell am i supposed to do with this bag. :cursing:

    you can't really see it, but its not like its an "invisible" stain. :cursing:
  2. Roe take a deep breath :sweatdrop:

    First, take your bag and stuff it with a few items which will weight it down as well as some tissue to give it shape back (not too heavy, but enough to work the wrinkle out) hang in somewhere out of the way and let the leather get it's shape back. I would check on it in in a day or so. Then go buy some Coach Leather cleaner (it typically is sold in a box w/ 2 bottles (cleaner/conditioner) make sure you use the cleaner and a clean white cotton cloth. This should remove almost anything from the leather or the moleskin.

    I purchased a Rianne (my first Choo) and it had a lipstick stain on the inside, when I asked my SA (Casey) she told me to use the Coach cleaner and it got rid of the lipstick. Another member had ink stains on her white JC bag and it worked for her as well (after she made sure she used the cleaner).

    That is what I would do! These bags are truly alot more sturdy than we give them credit for!!!

    Let me know how it works for you:tup:

  3. really? do you think it would work if the leather is scraped? or am i stuck with an expensive bag i would never wear again?:crybaby:
  4. If it's just a minor scratch, why wouldn't you wear it again? I doubt anyone would notice. And if not, I'd be happy to take it off your hands!
  5. Can you post a pic of what you are talking about? Color transfer looks different than a scrape so I am confused?

    There are a ton of products to help, but I need a better idea of what we are working with here.
  6. Yeowwww. Take that bag to a pro! You paid too much to let it sit or to sell for a loss!!!!
  7. If your own efforts don't do the trick send it to Barb at lovingmybags. She has fixed many a bag for me with wonderful results.
  8. Give it a shot:tup:

    Why don't you post photos of the scrape prior to doing anything and let's see how bad it is. I would also take it off your hands:graucho:
  9. I'd like to see pics as well. Here's wishing that it all works out for you Roe!
  10. i will take pics of it ladies for you to see it. let my battery recharge. i just picked up the camera and it was dead.
  11. I vouch for the Coach cleaner too! Hope it will work wonders for you as well. I have a good number of white and cream bags of different leathers and it does get confusing if it's stain or rubbed leather. Try cleaning it first. In my experience, if it's scraped (ouch!), you won't see the color (white) bag after you clean it but instead a darker spot and different color than the supposed "stain". That make sense? I normally see it in the corners of my bags with flat leather bottom bags. Good thing that the Saba has Nappa leather. The pebbled leather of Coach does not encourage having it cleaned and moisturized but just cleaned with damp cloth. Goodluck Roe!