My SA was mean I think

  1. Now that the initial shock of my new purchase has worn off, I think my SA was mean. She kept talking to the other SA girl while I was asking questions. Then she went in the back to get my bag. She did'nt even put the bag in an LV box! The bag was in the duster bag, and she just put it in the LV brown bag thing. Was I supposed to get a box :confused1:? I feel cheated :sad:
  2. not all SA give boxes..u have ot ask for it...:tup: i agree she mean to talk to another person whiel attending to you.:tdown:.
  3. sometimes they give boxes, sometimes they don't. personally, i think every purchase should get a box. if you want one, just go back and ask.

    what bag did you purchase?
  4. Demand a box if you want one !, she sounds like she was being a little rude to you, shes not paid to talk to her colleagues, maybe she should get a job TV presenting if she loves talking.
  5. sometimes if you dont ask for a box they dont give you one...
    just ask for a box next time you visit...
    Congrats on your LV:smile:
  6. I would ask if you want a box next time and try your luck. Not all bags come with boxes I think, once I bought a pochette and never got a box with it, so I asked for one but they were fresh out of larger boxes for me. My SA even called the other LVs in the city looking for a large box, but they were all out :sad:

    She doesn't sound like she was giving you her full attention, which she should have been.
  7. I got the Monogram Speedy 30. Love it!!!!!!!!! Also, I had my 6 year old daughter with me, she was like oh look at this(in between talking to the other SA) and she reached my daughter a $300something mini LV purse. She was like "Do you want your mommy to get that for you? That would be really nice huh?" You can't tell my daughter stuff like that, she can't keep up with her hello kitty purse good yet. So then I have to be the one to tell her no she can't have the purse. Not cool!:cursing:
  8. Ask for the box next time you are in the area. I always ask for them to put my purchases in a box
  9. aww thats cute. i'm sure if her mother keeps buying from lv, she's going to want something too. why don't you get her the mini hl to match mommy. LOL
  10. Congrats on your new Mono Speedy ... sorry your SA was rude to you. Just use someone else next time and definitely ask for a box too.
  11. Sorry the SA did that. I get bad service when I purchase my handbags. I get snobby treatment like what you described. Just remember you have a beautiful authentic handbag and that SA is stuck with a poor personality.
  12. Maybe when she makes seven, she is still learning lessons about responsiblity. She just recently popped the Juicy Couture Cupcake Charm bracelet.:s not quite sure if she's ready this kind of stuff yet.
  13. Wow, that is so un-professional of her, she should of known that once kids get hold of something they want it and its hard to take it off them. What a b###h, I wouldnt use this one again.
  14. That was very rude.. I've had this happen, except I didn't let it slide. Tell her that it's rude, disrespectful and lacking in a common courtesy. If you feel like this is going to happen again, ask to speak to a manager.

    Better yet, just shop with someone else - why should she get your sale when you're not getting a satisfactory shopping experience ?