My SA wants to buy my cruise cabas! lol!

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  1. Almost forgot, funny development when chating with my SA I was saying I never use my cruise cabas MM....she said, "Really! I kove that bag, are thinking about selling it, I would love to buy it from you!"


    "Yeah, it was a limited edition and sold out and we are not allowed to buy limited editions, unless they are left over at the end of the season."

    So yeah! My one regret will now be someone else's joy. I told her I would think it over and call her. I am going to tell her yeas, when she tells me to come in for my antigua!
  2. This sounds so silly but also cool at the same time. :P
  3. :wtf: You're going to sell it???!!!LOL I guess there'll be a really happy SA soon...:rolleyes: Good on you;)
  4. What a neat story. I am glad it worked out for everyone.
  5. I lovee the cruise cabas, I wish I had a chance to grab that bag :sad:
    But I'm sure selling it to her will def. boost up your relationship with your SA!
  6. That's really nice of you, lucky SA!
  7. Do it, if u dont use it, and I'm sure if u give her a reasonable price she'll deffo make u vip!:graucho: :yes:
  8. I guess there are both perks and bad reasons to become SAs.. If I were an SA, I would be sad if I couldn't buy something I really liked just because I worked there and the item was limited.
  9. That's cool, are you gonna do it?
  10. i'd have a relative/friend purchase my bags for me if i worked at LV if that was the case.
  11. aww its so nice that you are selling it to her, you and your SA must have a TIGHT relationship. hehe. which is a good thing, usually im in the store then im out, not much talking with the SA's in LV at all, but hermes is a different story. :smile:
  12. wow nice to have a buyer without really looking.
  13. That's cool! Maybe you could get her to buy a bag you want and then you could do a trade... just a thought. :shrugs:
  14. Exactly! Because I am way too lazy for ebay! I have been thinking about selling it for about 3 months and couldn't get off my duff to do it!
  15. thats really nice!