My SA says Vernis Heart coin purse is a one shot shipment only?

  1. I jus stopped by the bloomindales LV boutique to pay for my pomme d'amore heart coin purse, and chatted with the SAs a bit. They said they only got one of each color of the heart coin purse and envelope plate, and these are going to be only a one shot shipment. They are not going to get anymore of these. So, I got the only one available in the store as I had waitlisted since December. I was surprised because I thought although these are limited edition, I didnt know these will be so limited, even in NYC bloomindales. Do you girls hear the same?

    By the way, I saw the pomme damore envelope plate, and it looked good too. it has a compartment inside, and one other on the outside on the back. But the leather is kinda structured and a little hard to put things in it. Like i can only slip some cards and paper inside. But maybe it will break in a bit later.

    I dunno if I should get the envelope plate also since it is so limited. Im afraid I will miss it later on....hehehee. But I have told my SA to let me know when the sophie and the pomme damore inclusion ring is available. Better dun spend too much. I have to be more rationale...heheheee. I even so determined to force myself to get out of bloomingdales right away so i woundnt spend too much more....:p
  2. Hmmm... maybe all stores are getting a certain amount? :shrugs:
  3. please posts pics!!!:drool:
  4. I want the raspberry but can't decide if I should get this or the MC pastilles .....
  5. Yes, I received a call from my SA at Neiman Marcus today. She said they only received one shipment --- one of the Pomme d' Amour heart and the MC Heart. I got the MC heart (yippee!!!!) since I was first on the list. Didn't get the Pomme heart as there was one other person ahead of me. Good thing I waitlisted at South Coast Plaza, too --- SA there took my CC# down so I hope to get that.

    These must be very very limited then!!
  6. Smaller boutiques = smaller amounts. Larger boutiques, more shipment...specs say they expect to be around until March.
  7. hehehee...actually I didnt pick up the coin purse yet, not until February 1st. I jus stopped by to take a sneak peek of everything and paid in advance to secure for one. Will definitely post pics when i get it!
  8. :yes:
    the larger stores will be getting another shipment after Valentine's Day.

  9. wow! i cant believe i can have my hands on something so limited..:yahoo:

    thanks to all PFers or I wouldnt even know about this collection in advance to secure one. even my SA didnt know about it when I inquired about it. u know, all the SAs in the boutique came over to look at the items and were all surprised and gave lots of compliments.
  10. I hope I can get one in February.

  11. AAHH, good to know!! Thank you!
  12. You're welcome :smile:
  13. larger shipment = how many?
  14. I called Bloomingdales and the SA I spoke to told me to come in on feb. 1st b/c they have items from the St. Valentine line. I also have my name on the waitlist for the Sophie but I'm not sure if its coming to the US. Also I spoke to 866 Vuitton and she told me it's limited edition & will only be delivered up until March. I would leave my credit card but I don't know which item I want. I am so confused.
  15. What did you hear about the Sophie??? I think I'm going to head over to Bloomingdales over the weekend.