My SA put me on a bag diet :-(

  1. I bought 3 birkins this year and after the most recent one, my SA said no more till the first of next year. Is that birkins or bags in general?

    I am on the waiting list for the bloody Medor clutch. If my spot comes up before the first of the year, are they gonna pass me over cause I am on a "diet"?
  2. Ohmigosh ~ I've never heard of an SA doing that :sad:
    I'd call and ask if you can purchase other than birkins.
  3. I think just Birkins....
    I love the Medor. All this talk about them lately is making me want one.
    What h/w do you want?
  4. Just Birkins, don't worry. It's only fair, as it is October, the store might get a really good client who appreciates everything that H has to offer and the store wants to be able to offer this client a Birkin as well.
  5. I think the general rule is that people can buy one birkin and one kelly a year or maybe per season. I don't know.

    I would call and see if you can still get the medor. just ask for clarifications!
  6. da gold which is harder to find that the PHW so maybe my turn wont turn up til next year anyway . . . by which time, I probably wouldnt want it :s
  7. I dont mind being fair but it aint like I patronize a small franchise H. I know other peeps who have bought 3 birkins from my boutique this year and THEY werent put on a diet for the rest of the year as far as I know . . . .
  8. Oh.... I think you'll still want it. ;)
  9. They actually had the black and gold Medor at Wall Street recently, but I'm sure you knew that.
  10. I believe she meant only for birkins. :yes:
  11. I get this line from my SA once in a while more birkins for the year...but he's kind off half hearted about it..."like let me give you the corporate shpiel and then I'll call you later with inventory"
  12. This is utterly odd. My SA has told me there is NO LIMIT to purchases and actually looked at me rather oddly when I asked him if I could only buy one Kelly and one Birkin per year. He even said "what ever gave you that idea?!" to which I just blushed and kept my mouth shut about this forum.

    Honestly, this begs a further inquiry as to what your SA meant. Perhaps she is teasing you that you need to slow down and wasn't serious??
  13. Dear Ms. Seton:

    I had the same incident early this year too and was accused of being re-selling :cursing:

    I've later went back to the same store various times showing I am USING all of my purchases and this SHUTs-up the assitant manager who accused me!!!!!!!!!!!

    You might want to ask your SA why you are on-diet?!

    It's only 2 more month til 2008, so maybe this can give you a break to save more $ for the ULTIMATE bag?!
  14. Dear Ms. Cynthia:

    Did I see a change in your avatar??? Is that NEW purchase?! GORGEOUS croc bag!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Really? I've never heard of an SA doing that before. When I see mine I'm usually taken aside and in stealthy whispers told what's come in that my SAs know I'll like - they're as much of enablers as everyone on this board!

    But don't worry, it's nearly the end of the year anyway! You'll be off the ban in no time!