My SA mailed me a set of LV postcards!

  1. Anyone else ever get these with your thank you note or whatever? (she had to mail me my receipt because there was an error on the original one)

    She enclosed four big nice postcards with beautiful photography of:

    1. Monogram Noe

    2. Monogram wardrobe, opened to show drawers

    3. Lockit

    4. Closeup of antique trunk

    so nice!! Maybe this means I am closer to getting invited to the next special event...
  2. That was very thoughtful of your SA. Maybe you're a ViC now.:graucho: :graucho:
  3. Cool, sounds like you have a very nice SA.
    I never get anything from LV, the stores here seem to be pretty mean.:sad:
  4. How fun! Congrats!
  5. How cool! Congrats! ;)
  6. Jane:
    The cool thing that I did with all my postcards is went to Michaels (art store) and purchased mats and some really nice inexpensive black frames and matted them and framed them up. They are hanging above my desk. Makes me smile when I look up at the wall... Just a thought!!
  7. Ooh, post us the pics :smile:
  8. Super cool! Do you have pics of the cards? Do share! Do share! :lol:
  9. I actully already have a couple framed postcards in my apartment! That's a good idea. My husband wil probably roll his eyes though.
  10. Post pics if you can, so we can drool over them too. :shame: I like the idea of framing them. They're probably gorgeous.
  11. ooh that's fabulous!!! i want to see!
  12. Here's a slightly blurry pic, wanted to make sure there was no glare, so, no flash.
  13. That's wonderful! congrats!
  14. Very Nice!
  15. Thank you for sharing! I love the pics. :biggrin: