My SA just told me they're getting some shade of Grey & Purple for Fall/Winter?

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  1. Could it be true!??!?!?! GREYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  2. I'm so excited!!! I've been waiting for f/w 08 info. to start arriving!!!
  3. YAYYY! We need another Grey!

    That was the first colour I saw that made me fall IN LOVE with Balenciaga!
  4. yay! i hope it's true!
  5. I NEEED this purple badly!!!!:nuts: how fantastic would that be ! ? :wlae:
  6. grey..that sounds lovely! i wonder if its going to be similar like the greige! i love that colour
  7. I would LOVE another purple. Although I like my violet, I would have really preferred a slightly deeper/darker tone.
  8. I wonder what color purple and grey this will be?

    NVM the titles of the colors- these were google'd



  9. I would love another Grey, preferably like the '05. I had an '05 Grey Twiggy and although I didn't care for the style, I had such a hard time giving her up and really want another shade just like that or close to it. I'm crossing my fingers and toes and am saving up like mad for Fall.
  10. Purple & Grey!!! :nuts: I cannot wait to see the Fall colours!!!
  11. The suspense is awful!! ;) Can't wait to see if there is a gray!!
  12. I want purple to be something in plum:nuts:
  13. oooh, a new purple! When do the swatches usually appear for the next season?
  14. I would really love the grey!!!! even though i'm still waiting for the BG to come in -_-"

    thanks for the update :smile:
  15. Ooooh - grey... I hope that is true!!! :drool: