My SA just called...

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  1. An exotic watercolor papillon just arrived with my name on it. I told her I was interested in the non-exotic - she told me I had to go down and at least look at it as it will likely be my only chance.

    I will go in tomorrow to drool but have already instructed DH that he is absolutely NOT allowed to buy it. I know I will be in love but can't afford it right now...It will keep me going until the non-exotics come in!!
  2. oh man what a tease!
    comon just get it!
  3. Oh so tempting! Good luck!
  4. OMG - That's a tease. Well, at least you're still getting the WVV just not as exotic, but I'm sure it's still HOT! ;)
  5. haha they must be pushing these before the VVN one is launched .. as my store has both the exotic pap & speedy sitting on the shelf here for a few weeks:yes:
  6. then wat are u waiting for ? head down fast.
  7. oh no, i hope you can fight the temptation!!
  8. They had one at my local louis vuitton store. It was sooo pretty & got me really excited for the vvn speedy.
  9. My SA called me after the store closed, it is the first one that has come into my city from what I understand...and likely the ONLY one.

    I'm sooooo tempted but the bank account doesn't agree.

    As it is, I'm picking up a Tivoli, pochette cosmetique and (hopefully) mc zippy coin purse on Tuesday so I need to be done for a while!!!

    I hope that I can be objective tomorrow and not be swayed by the beauty ;)
  10. I couldn't are much better than me!
  11. Sweetie, this happened to me this week. I posted a thread and agreed with fellow PFs, I cant afford it with next month's vacation in Europe for a month and then redoing my invitro in August/July...I couldnt' afford the exotic pap. But I gave my SA's number to a fellow PF and she got it. So I feel better (although I am still drooling over the bag). Dont worry about it, with that much money, you could buy lots of bags that you could use daily which is what I'm gonna do bf the price increase.
  12. ^I saw your thread! IMHO - your reasons for passing are fantastic!! I will send positive IVF thoughts to you!!!

    It breaks my heart because I fell in love with the exotic pap as soon as I saw the first pics of it. But, I absolutely can't justify the expense. I refuse to go into debt over my luxury purchases so it isn't meant to be.

    I honestly don't even think I will get the vvn now as I am more fond of the vernis alma and I'm only buying ONE more bag this year.

    If anyone is interested (I'm in Canada), I can let my SA know to hold it for them instead.

    Just let me know by tomorrow morning, I will be leaving my house around 11 am (mountain time)