My SA Just called...

  1. The first of the month I told you all about my bag getting dirty when it was sent in for a strap repair. When I took it back to the boutique my SA gave me 40% off and I got my Carly and they sent the bag back to repair to see if it could be removed. Anywhoo....she just called to let me know about my bag.

    Unfortunately they were not able to remove the black mark.:sad: But she said they are still going to send the bag back to me along with Merchandise credit for the original retail price of the bag. (I thought they didn't send you your bag back and give you credit-but that was what she said). It's from 2005 so I have no idea how much it retailed for but I am thinking like $280 or so. This means that after I get back from my trip to Arizona I get to go shopping!!!!!! :yahoo:

    I know there will be new bags out by then. I've looked at the new catalog but I can't say any of the new ones really jumped out at me. But I want something in Chocolate Signature. Any suggestions ladies?
  2. Woohoo congrats!!
  3. yay... so cool... Have a fun and safe trip!!!
  4. Chocolate signature ergo hobo!! I'm in love with this bag at the moment! It's $188 now, down from $268!!

  5. That's a good idea.:tup: I love hobos and that would leave me a little extra left over for a new scarf, and mini skinny. LOL...
  6. studded gallery tote!!!!!!! :drool:
  7. And pick it up before Dec. 29th, you can ask for the 25% off! They may give it to you!
  8. WOW... all that would make it worth the hassle!
  9. Wow that is just super!! Congrats! Im sure your a little sad about your old bag, but I'm sure you'll find something new that you love too!
  10. I got another call yesterday. They arent' sending my old bag back but she told me how much my credit is for.......$319!!!!!!! OH my gosh I am so excited to get home and spend that.
  11. bag and credit thats great.
  12. that's great! :yahoo: I agree, try to get the bag before the 29th and you will get an ADDITIONAL 25% off for pce.. you will be really getting great deals! :tup: You don't have to wait for the letter to arrive.. they can call jax to verify. :yes:
  13. Congrats!!!