My SA Just Called.....

  1. And told me the Damier Neverfull has been pushed back and isn't going to be available until June 2008.
  2. OH NO!!!! I wonder what that means for the Azur Neverfull
  3. geesh...that can be :tdown: and :tup: at the same time. :tup: for my wallet though.
  4. That seems like forever.. I'm sure LV can keep us occupied in the meantime.;)
  5. that's so long from now...
  6. Omggg that's ages!!! :sad:,
    Owell i guess i will have time to save :yes:
  7. Shux...I was planning on using it when baby boy got here and passed on the Saleya...and now the darned Saleya's price went up. I am irritated now. Grrrrrr!!!
  8. ITA with you...

    ughh...but I was looking foward to getting the PM this Christmas or something...
  9. Darn it!!:tdown: I was planning on getting either the Damier Neverfull or Damier Saleya for Xmas......(Grr, I really wanted to see the Damier Neverfull IRL). I could wait til June '08 (my bday) and get it then...But knowing me I'll already have purchased the Damier Saleya. I don't think I'll be able to wait that long for a damier shoulder bag. I have ZERO patience!!!:yes:

    I was torn between the 2...I :heart: my Azur the roominess, and zipper....LOL maybe my decision has been made for me?? Unless of course I dream up something else by then...:rolleyes:
  10. OMG why so long. I really want one.
  11. Urgh thats sucks! I want one now!
  12. DARN!!

    I wanted that Neverfull (grrrrrrrrrrr......)
  13. yup, i posted this somewhere earlier today...i found out this morning :sad:
  14. :sad: sad but on the other note give me longer to save and more time to get another bag :smile: before this one.
  15. This sucks :sad: At least I won't feel bad after making my big Nimbus purchase and have plenty of time to save for it.