My SA just called to say hi and...

  1. to inform me about upcoming and new accessories and bags. Just like that! I thought that was so sweet. I guess I'm finally on their radar :yahoo:

    Anyway she mentioned the new (well, not so new actually) denim accessories and I asked about the amarante stuff. According to her, they will be released in 3-4 months :confused1: I told her they were available on the French and UK site already and she will call me as soon as she has news. I hope it will be soon.

    That was the first time she called just like that. Hope there's more to come :tup:
  2. That's great I wish my SA would call with news
  3. Update, she called again today and the release date for bags and inclusions is in fact mid-June. Thought I'd share the news :smile:
  4. That was nice of her! Thanks for the news!
  5. Yeah - congrats and thanks for the news:smile:
  6. Yay i can't wait so see the Amarante irl! Your SA's great :smile: Thanks for passing on the info
  7. That was very nice of your SA to call you.
  8. How nice of your SA.
  9. You have a nice SA. I look forward to having mine now that I will live close to an LV boutique.
  10. I wish I had an SA. ha.
  11. It only took four years, lol. But yes, she is very friendly.
  12. :roflmfao: thats hilarious!
  13. lol your SA is so sweet! haha but 4 years... LOL
  14. fingers crossed good luck
  15. aww..that is nice!!!