My SA is the devil!! Wanna see why??

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  1. what bag is this??? its very cute!! what other clors does it come in?
  2. I called JAX, it not available in any other colors currently. They have 38 of the cranberry.

    Can it be bought w/PCE? I thinking not, because it's part of the new Legacy line. Right?
  3. It's the Leather Barrett in brass/cranberry. There's a suede in brass/sand


    and a faux python in brass/black


    I don't know if you can use your PCE on it, since I already used mine last week.
  4. Christy Lou.....Gorgeous x 3!!!!! :drool::drool::drool:
    BTW..When I read the tittle of your thread, I thought it was another horror story about coach SA being rude. Those SAs can really tempt a person. LOL
    Congrats and enjoy! :tup:
  5. [​IMG]

    Did you see this one? The website says it also available in 'aubergine' but only through the Legacy Boutique. I tried to get a pic doing the 'properties thing', but no luck.
  6. My boutique had the suede sand and the python black. It's the Coach store at Scottsdale Fashion Square. The SA said that they are the only store in Arizona to get these bags in. Let me know if you want their number. I haven't seen the aubergine.
  7. that story made me laugh(which was needed as i had a bit of a roungh nite, car got a boo-boo had to come home early) thats a nice bag. a little off topic but does anyone know if i can use my ugg cleaner on coach suede? its a different material(uggs are sheepskin right?) but i bought leather/nubuck cleaner from kohls and it works amazing on them, so would it work on coach suede?
  8. I posted a pic of the aubergine. It's really pretty. What did you think of the suede sand. I'm not much of the suede-lover, but I like the two-tone of the bag. Thanks for offering the number to the store, but I would assume my boutique in OK can order from JAX.
  9. It was really pretty, but I think for a suede bag it was too light and I would worry too much about getting it dirty.
  10. That color is awesome! I'm with you on removing the long strap.
  11. Soooo pretty! That color is TDF!!! Congrats!!!
  12. Very classy and ladylike; I love it! Enjoy her!
  13. Your SA sounds wicked! You're lucky to have gotten out of there with only one purchase!

    Barrett is a Gorgeous, Gorgeous bag! L:heart:ve the color and style!

  14. Ohhhhhhh such a pretty pink!
  15. hi, what store did you get it from? i am from phoenix also. i went to arrowhead mall, the coach there does not have it yet. I had to order, cann't wait to see it. I have the sabrina in magenta too. What do you think of this barrett compared to sabrina? are you keeping them both? congrats, cann't wait to have it in my hand