My SA is the devil!! Wanna see why??

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  1. Beautiful. Congrats!!:tup:
  2. Gorgeous!! And with pretty legacy lining. Congrats!!!
  3. wowza! Congrats!
  4. That's a pretty bag. Can it be worn over the shoulder w/o the long attachment strap? Modeling pics............
  5. Sweeeet! Much nicer than Madeline, but equally feminine! SA is a good :devil:
  6. According to the website's 'try it on' feature, this bag can be worn over the shoulder. It's really cute and I can't stop thinking about it since seeing this post! I hope my store has it tomorrow. This could be a possibility! I'm going to call JAX to see if there are any more colors available to order in the leather.
  7. That bag is cute.
  8. it's such a gorgeous bag! some of the best SA out there are the devil in, you better hope your next ban will last longer than 6 days he he
  9. Is it as soft and luxurious as it looks???
  10. goregous.
  11. Thanks for all of your compliments. I can't wait to use her. The leather is somewhat heavy (compared to some of my other bags), but it is soft. It's not soft and pliable like the ergo, but still feels great. When I got home with it, I started looking at the Sabrina, wondering if I should get her instead, but it's so hard for me to order something I've never seen in real life. I do think the Sabrina is larger, which I don't need and I adore the little pockets on the sides of the Barrett.

    I'll try and get some modeling pictures posted in a bit.

    I typically don't carry alot around (wallet, credit card holder/mini skinny, cell phone, wristlet for misc., pack of gum, business card holder, nail file, pen, makeup......) and it all fits in there very nicely.

    I agree, I will be wearing it with the kisslock against me. I prefer the plain side out. I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way.

    The small handles have a 6 inch drop, so I definitely can't wear it over my shoulder, but I can with the detachable strap. That was one of the selling features for me.
  12. Gorgeous bag! Love the color.
  13. What a beautiful bag! I've been drooling over it since the website updated and wow, oh wow I love the magenta. Excellent choice! Way prettier than Madeline imho.
  14. Cute! I tried this on yesterday and it fits over my shoulder and it looks soo beauitful! I'm trying to decide to get this or the Sabrina for PCE i have until tomorrow...Congrats the bag is soo beautiful!
  15. Wow! That bag is gorgeous! I love it! Congrats!