My SA is tempting me... HELP!!!

  1. Ok, so today I go to visit my SA (bad idea!) at Saks and she brings out this absolutely gorgeous dark silver metallic classic flap... OMG, i nearly pee-ed in my pants. she tells me it's the ONLY and LAST one available... I am on a BAN. Do you think this bag is worth breaking the ban for?

    It is the medium/large size in this color, borrowed from the reference library from urbangrid... and k*d

    What do you ladies think? :confused1:
    attachment-1.jpeg IMG_0410.jpg
  2. It's beautiful. If you love it, go for it! :tup:
  3. May I ask how much this bag (in the medium/large size) retails for? I've only seen the E-W size so far and didn't know about the medium/large version.
  4. OMG!! how much is it retail for?? i would TOTALLY break the ban!! haha
    go for it! i mean it!!! you might regret it later if you dont!
    that happened to me WAY too many times!
    good luck and post pics when you get it hun!
  5. I would not break my ban for that and just go crazy when you go to Italy. :p
  6. It is $2495.00
    She's trying to KILL me with all these bags i tell yoU!!!!!
  7. go for it!!
  8. Oooh, its gorgeous!
  9. does anyone have this bag in the medium/large? i would like to hear your opinions on how the bag holds up...
  10. How would you feel if you called and someone else had got it?

    Oh well it wasn't meant to be?

    The answer to that question always gives me the answer to buy or not to buy
  11. I saw the medium one at my NM a while back, and I really, really liked it! :tup: Since I already have the dark silver 226 reissue, I didn't get it, but if I didn't have the reissue, I probably would have haha. :nuts: I think it's a gorgeous, standout flap... so I say go for it if you can't imagine your collection w/out it! :p
  12. This bag is amazing, I really love it!! :smile:
  13. Beautiful, its a tough choice

    it depends how serious your ban is supposed to be hee hee ;)
  14. :tup: