My SA is quitting!!!!!! (now I can return without feeling guilty!)

  1. I am so sad! I only jsut got my SA and she is leaving LV!!!!!!!!!! The first thing I mentioned was the loss of her discount! Don't worry she is buying up the store as fast as she can...I am just so sad because we loooooooooove her and she always is so good to us when we come in and browse. She has handed us off to another SA who we have worked with also so I feel we're in good hands..but there is nothing like "your" SA:crybaby:

    I hate when things change...I don't want her to leave...everyone who shops in Minneapolis go convince Paula to stay!
  2. :sad: that's unfortunate.
    Did she mention where she was going?
  3. yes she has another job..LV was only part time
    Of course we have to wish her the best but still.....:crybaby:
  4. Feel sorry to hear that :yes: hope you will be fine
  5. It's sad when you get to know someone, and they have to leave :sad: Hope you get another one that is just as good!!
  6. Good luck - there's nothing like having a good SA, hopefully the one they're handing you off to will be good as well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  7. im terrrrribly sorrry dear ... at least ur left in a good hands :smile:
  8. So sorry to hear that. but as Chloe said at least you're left in good hands :yes:
  9. i too hate change. but lets hope she is moving on to bigger and better things.
  10. i know how you feel. my favorite SA moved to prada. :sad:

    at least you have a good new SA :smile:
  11. Awwww... I would be devastated if one of my 3 fave SA's left LV. :crybaby:

    If I ever become employed for LV, I could be your SA and do a charge send for ya! :p
  12. I didn't realize employees got discounts? How much do they get?
  13. :p right back at you....of course you'd put my #1 on all the waitlists right:graucho:

    I don't see why they wouldn't hire you! You're my LV go-to guy!
  14. I don't know but it isn't as great as it can only buy so much each year and you can't get LE items until a certain time

    if you do a search I am sure you can find all the info on it!
  15. I work in Mpls, am in LV all of the time, and I don't even know who Paula is...????? What does she look like? The blonde?

    I usually go for Allison. She is wonderful!

    we should meet there sometime...