My SA is leaving and I am grumpy!

  1. I am just back from a lovely last minute trip to London with allaboutnice. We went to my favourite London store and had a chat with my SA who is wonderful. Sense of humour, great service, always helpful, doesnt mind my quirky little requests, doesnt care that I cant spend a fortune, appreciates that I love the things I can buy......

    She's leaving. Going on to bigger and better things in her home country and I am thrilled for her, but now who is going to put up with me?


    Had to share, DH really doesnt get this one!!!:sad:
  2. E - at least you KNOW that she's leaving one of my SAs left and no one told me.

    No call - nothing. Just turned up and one day and they weren't there.

    That particular SA was looking for some things for me too, including a Christmas gift for someone, and had promised to call when it came in. There was no hand over of my details and no assigning a new SA.

    So I hope they can find you someone new. Maybe ask her who she recommends to look after you now. Or call the store manager and ask them to assign someone to handle your business.

    It's frustrating. Hang in there.
  3. Bummer! Maybe you could ask her to refer to you an SA she likes and that she feels would work well with you?
  4. Great idea Handybags and Wingnut! I think I was too busy gawping like a fish out of water to say anything except congratulations!
  5. It's annoying though. Especially if you have fun together.

    And hey - she caught you by surprise.
  6. Well, I congratulate myself that I didnt just go "oh, right, but what about my birkin order?"
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. Well, you will just have to come over to my side of the globe and share my lovely SA! How would that be?
  9. :lol:

    Well, we wouldn't have blamed you if you had! I second (or is that third?) asking your current SA for a recommendation! Good luck!
  10. ooh i am sorry to hear this!
    well, if it is truly a nice SA as i'm sure it is, have a chat with them before they leave and see if they will "hand you over" to one of their favorite coworkers to make sure they take good care of you when they leave.
    sending cyber hugs to you!! and wishing you lots of H holiday goodies to come your way this season.
  11. I've been in your shoes so I feel for you. It's hard to lose a great SA, but especially so when it comes to Hermes.
  12. The last time I lost my regular SA, the manager personally assigned me another SA. I think that worked out great because the SA had to pay attention to me instead of me trying to get the SA's attention. . . altho I had to do that anyway because I kept on coming on the one day the SA wasnt there because I wasnt used to the SA's schedule.
  13. That is troubling but your new SA will probably make you just as happy.
  14. I know how you feel.....when mine left I was grumpy too. It sucks.
  15. Ask for a recommendation. If your SA knows you really well, she'll give her input as to who she feels will click best with you.