My SA is just the best - want to guess?

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  1. I really believe I have one of the best SA, with her help I am now trying to get another specially made spy bag, after I got my lovely green one so want another. So I asked my SA if they would make this bag for me, I do not think they really would as its never been sold like this and my SA did not hold out much hope, but she phoned Italy and sent emails, they have not said yes but they have not said no, :nuts:which I am quite shocked about, the request has gone to the Style Creator and I am waiting for a reply, which I should have next week

    Anyone want to guess which bag I am trying to get.
    My Friends BalenciagaLove and Secret cannot play sorry
  2. Hi Saich...

    I'm guessing blueberry with midnight sequins!:yahoo:
  3. hmm... something along the lines of the purple tulle couture bag?
  4. Nope to both, :roflmfao: just love guessing games
  5. awwwww - I wanna play!! :sad: hee hee

    Keep guessing guys!
  6. I have no idea!! Please tell.... Please?
  7. My Guess:


    If so, I am gonna be super envious along with a lot of other Fendi Pfers!:graucho:

    Lemme know...:yahoo:
  8. I wish baglady, I would be doing somersaults if I was getting this bag but this ones a LE and you cannot get those made.

    This one I am trying to get made has never come out in the shops like how I want (CLUE) thats why I think theirs a very good chance I will not get it, but my SA was really really surprised they just did not say No and its gone to Style creator, she did also ask if I wanted my name in it again.
  9. SAICH -- I am really stumped:dots:. Thought for sure it would be sequin bag...hmmmmmm!:supacool:
  10. Hmm... corded petrol?
  11. OK SAICH -- we need more hints, is it leather or other (patent, fabric), is it wisteria? Is it corded? I know too many hints, but we wanna know :confused1:
  12. Hmmm Cherry or Emerald Wisteria???? Or maybe something really extravegant hmmmm methinks this will take more thought.
  13. Soooooooooooo close riffraff and Liti

    Its leather and its putting 2 different bags together. now thats a big clue
  14. Corded Wisteria?????
  15. Uhm... petrol wisteria?