my SA is holding the mono bronze sergent pm for me...what to do?

  1. ok guys and gals, need advise here. i went to lv today because my SA told me to drop by. she showed me the sergent pm. i loved it! however, i promised myself i woulnd't buy a bag this month because i want to save for the stratus pm. she's holding it for me til monday in case i change my mind. what do you guys think of this bag? if i buy it, i will take longer to save for my stratus. help!
  2. can you post a pic of it?
  3. I love this bag......but the strap is canvas, strange enough. If the entire bag was leather (gorgeous, IMO), it might be in my closet
  4. I'm sorry I don't like this bag (I'm only saying because you asked) BUT you said you loved it so that's all that matters apparentely it's very very limited so if you love it get it you shouldn't have too much trouble getting a stratus later if it's the new colours you want
  5. Since you do love it, I think you should go for it! Especially since it's specially being held for you, you probably can't get it later, KWIM?
  6. I LOVE the feeling of the leather on this bag, I personally prefer the larger size though... As you know the stratus will be around again this f/w...
  7. I LVoe this bag. It so kewl and unique. I don't think you would go wrong if you purchased it. Goodluck and post pics if you do decide to get it!
  8. If you LOVE it, then you should get it.
  9. if you totally feel that its a must have bag for you, then I would go for it.
  10. Go for it, if you love it!! I think it's very different and unique.
  11. Go for it.
  12. I looked at it in the GM size and realized it is a shoulder only bag and I prefer the option of holding bags like a tote or in the crook of my arm. It is considered quite limited according to my SA so if you like shoulder bags then I would get it.
  13. You should totally get it! I Love monogram bronze - if they had a men's wallet it would so be mine!!!!!
  14. Only get it if you love it. My Neiman's has both sizes in and they're not my favorite, I'd personally go for the Nimbus.
    But if you love the Sergent, you should get it.
  15. id say keep ur eye on ur the prize (the stratus)...obviously u love it and want it so much, otherwise u wouldnt be posting :smile: hehe

    but u know what, either way youll have a HOT bag, so its pretty much a win win situation!