my SA has no clue what i'm talking about

  1. ok, is the le pochette cles (the new vernis cles with the plate) released last year? is it called envelope purse or something? just got off the phone, i was talking to my SA, and now more confused than ever..:confused1:
  2. The pochette cles is the new vernis cles released for VDay 08.

    Some people in the Forum have already bought theirs. The release date differes from country to country.

    Hope this helps.
  3. ooohhh, I wanna know too!!! Please enlighten, so I'll know what to ask SA.
  4. LAST YEAR ---

    heart purse for vday in pomme, mc, framboise
    envelope plate for vday in pomme, framboise, perle

    THIS YEAR --

    heart purse for vday in miroir gold and silver, violette, pomme
    pochette cles for vday in pomme, violette

    everything is limited edition

    --i hope i got my info right, im trying to remember from last year
  5. The one last year that came in Pomme, Framboise and Perle is the Envelope Plate and the one this year is just called the Cles.
  6. yes that's what i thought! i kept telling the SA that its new and describing the cles but larger and there's a louis vuitton plate in front etc.. she said its not new it was released last year they call it envelope purse or something.. and in the end she's starting to get impatient maybe she thinks i'm imagining things.. i'm gonna print a picture to prove it to her that i'm not crazy.. and her voice was starting to raise coz maybe she's busy and thinks i'm wasting her time with something that doesn't exist.. but she's a pregnant SA so maybe its the moodswings. anyway in the end i figured i'll just ask the lv gurus and maybe it was released last year i just didn't know.. i dunno. so what is this envelope purse she's talking about?
  7. oh yes now i remember it was rectangular with chain right? then its totally different maybe she's never heard of the new cles..
  8. ^Yup, that's the one!

    The new one is just the Cles...and to my knowledge, it won't come in the regular Cles style like all the other Vernis ones have. So when she gets it in or sees it, she'll know. Maybe just ask for the Violette cles and then she'll know? I hope she finds out soon!
  9. ^yes maybe i'll show ask for the violet cles and she'd know.. thanks everyone!

    btw how much does it retail in the U.S. ? tia
  10. ^ $275
  11. ^ $275usd
  12. ^i see,thanks everyone! :smile:
  13. also, i'm not sure if anyone else heard this, but my SA told me that this new cles will be the standard cles for the vernis line.
  14. ^ really? that's good news for those who think that the old vernis cles can't store much! :tup: the only thing i like better about the old cles is the zipper..
  15. but... i thought its LE?:confused1: