My SA has been wonderful helping me get Spys

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  1. As everyone knows on here I have been after a green spy or a Dark green Hologram spy for ages to add to my collection.

    Well I got a phone call today from my new SA, who is getting the Black spy with sequins for me, she had a word with her manager and they put a call into Fendi in Italy, well these people have been so nice, they are going to contact every Fendi store in the World would you believe to try and find one of these bags for me, failing that they said they would have one specially made for me which would take approx. 4 months and would quote me a price. I know their is no way I would be able to afford one specially made as should think it would be such a high amount, but do you not think this was so nice of them to do this and go to all this trouble. The Fendi store in Sloane St. London has a new manager and just think this is brilliant service.
  2. Saich,

    It really is terrific that you have found a fantastic SA to work with!! :yahoo:

    I only wish I was as fortunate with Fendi here in NYC. Each and every time I have been in the store, I always get a rude SA (even when I've had honey wisteria with me :shrugs:). These days I rarely go there for this reason.

    Congrats again, and good luck finding that fabulous green spy!
  3. Oh Saich, I wish I knew those Fendi SAs so well like you do!! That is really sweet of them to offer such a great service. I haven't been to Sloane St boutique, I have only been to the one in Selfridges. They are nice, but always quite busy when I go, so the services is quite so personal.:yes:

    It might not be too long till that elusive green is in your grasp!!!:graucho::yahoo::drool:
  4. Saich, that so great that you have such a wonderful SA and manager. By any chance do you know what can be custom made and how much it would cost. I know LV has rules on what can and can't be done. Please post. Thanks.
  5. Saich,

    That's so wonderful! I've got the copper/turquoise hologram hobo, and it's so incredible. I can only imagine the green/gold one.

    Good luck to you on either/both counts, and keep us posted! :drool:


  6. Fendi in Italy has told the manager and my SA that it will take 1-2 weeks to get in touch with all the Fendi outlets around the world, if they do not find the green leather spy or the dark green hologram they will then let me know how much it will cost to make one of these bags, They did tell me it would take up to 4 months to make. I do not know how much that would be yet they will give me a price once they know they cannot find one in the shops, but I am sure it will be far to much for me to pay.
    Perhaps if I go to them and say I want 10 green spys they will do it cheaper, so girls anyone want one of these.......LOL just joking.
  7. It must be so nice to have, not only a good relationship with an SA, but a good SA as well, I'm a little jelous :shame: We have a tiny store here in Iceland that shares space with Gucci and D&G as well, last time I was there I asked about the blueberry and if and when they were expecting them. They looked at me like I was crazy :oh:

    Anyway, I hope they find you a green one that fits your budget.
  8. Now, THAT'S the way it should be. I hope they have your bags. And I've only seen the green hologram in a photo (here at tPF as a matter of fact). It is TDF! I think I'd faint if I saw one IRL.
  9. Wow, that IS fantastic service. Wish all stores were that way. Good luck finding your spys:smile:
  10. Yes I am very lucky, I have 2 other managers I go to when looking for things, ones the Manager in Fendi, Selfridges Leeds and the other is in Browns in Ireland but this SA Margaret and the manager Ruberto are brilliant, also I cannot get over a big corporation like Fendi in Italy going to all that trouble to try and find me a bag, amazing. I do not think they will find one as they sold out ages ago, unless theirs one in the back room some where, and I think having one specially made will just be silly money - but it did make me feel very special, like Deco said Royalty:queen:
  11. Saich, I'm going to hitch my wagon to your Spy Queen Star! You are truly Spy Royalty. And with great taste! And a lovely figure (you must be destroyed!)
    :heart: :heart: :heart:

  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Deco you just crack me up, made my morning