My SA finally knows me by name! lol

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  1. I was at LV the other day and my SA saw me and said "Hiii, Ginger!!" in a really cheerful voice! :P Usually she remembers me but just says "Hi" like she knows me but doesn't know my name. She is the same SA who always helps my aunt and uncle whenever they come in from Winnipeg. When she phoned my aunt to tell her that her mandarin epi pochette strap had come in, and aunt told her that her niece (me) would come pick it up, and my aunt told me the SA was all like, "Oh, I know her, she comes in all the time!" LOL
  2. Very nice!!! I've been buying from the same SA for almost 3 yrs and she's great. Sometimes when they aren't too busy, I stay for an hour taking to my SA. Now, when I walk into the store, most of the SAs say "Hi Laura!" Even the security guard recognizes me and says hello to me - even when I see him walking in the mall when he's going home. I've never developed a relationship at any other store, but I do appreciate my relationship with my LV SA!!! Oh yeah... I forgot that I recently met an SA at Nordstrom that I am buying clothes from... she even asked me about LVs since she was interested in buying one... but eventually, she bought a different brand because she got her Nordstrom discount. Oh well, I did try to convert her into an LV addict!
  3. lol. The security guard that used to stare at me, but now smiles and says hi finally came up to talk to my SA and I. :P
  4. Its good to have a SA who knows you after hearing all the stories about rude, condescending SAs and bad service.
  5. That is a nice story!
    I still don't know a SA - as I do not live where a LV is, and I'm feeling more comfortable when I go into the LV boutique. I had a wonderful SA who showed me anything I wanted to see, and she was so helpful. And if I go back to Vancouver - I will hopefully find the same SA. I really liked her. She was so nice.
  6. LOL I called today to ask about the Spring 07 line and one of the SAs was like "Nicole???"!!! You know you buy too much LV when they know you just by the sound of your voice over the telephone!!!

  7. Yes, definately!!! She's sent me X-Mas cards, given me the LV catalogs, and gave me the brown flower keychain. She's very nice, very friendly, and we actually have a lot in common. I also have referred a few friends to her when they wanted to buy LV. She may move out of state which will be a bummer if she does! I keep telling her not to move.... :sad:
  8. :lol:
  9. ^I feel like such a pest...I first called 1866 VUITTON for info, then called my boutique to see if they started a wait list!!!
  10. ha ha, that's awesome!
  11. Wow! It must be nice to have SA know you by name, sure will be handy when hot item comes out ^__^ or during the X-mas shopping maddness season. Hum, guess i will have to swing by for the same SA help me all the time-she was on her first day when i walked in, sometimes i feel she is more friendly than other senior SA who developed good customers.
  12. 4everLV:

    Love your Avatar! Is it a Tiffany Etoile ring? My engagement ring looks similar and was based on the Tiffany Etoile ring but I had it custom made....:smile:
  13. How nice!!!
  14. Thank you. My ring was custom made.
  15. My SA is great, she remembered my name after only one visit. She is lovely and the reason i will keep shopping at the store i do.
    What do you ladies do if your regular SA is serving someone else when you go in, do you hang around and wait for them or just go to someone else? I went today and my SA was busy with someone else, we said hi, how are u.. ect. I just wanted to waitlist an azur bag, so someone else did it for me. I would have really liked to talk to her about upcoming bags and the availability of the bag i was waitlisting for, as she knew i had been wanting it for a while and she was expecting me to come by and get it.
    Think ill go back next week after xmas when its not so busy and talk to her. :smile: