My SA dilemma

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  1. Just curious: what does it say on SA's business cards as their official position? My dilemma is that I was starting to build a relationship with one SA and I told her to expect me in within the next week and she said, "I'll be there." Then I went there and she wasn't working (she was off for the week, apparently) and I ended up buying a bunch of stuff from another SA, who was pretty helpful. She gave me her card (the other one never did) and it said "Operations Supervisor." So does that mean she is in a position with more authority or do all their cards say that? I was just wondering which one would be better to work with? Thanks!
  2. I think the Operations Supervisor is the one that reviews applications for employment? I'll take a pic of some SA cards I have.
  3. Here are the SA cards I have:

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  4. yah I have one that says Sales Associate just like the one John posted
  5. do you guys ask for their cards? or do they just give them to you?
  6. I have a bunch of different cards. Some I've asked for, some have been offered and some came in the mail with thank you cards. Sometimes I ask them to write info about a product (item name, number, price) and they write the info on the back of their cards.

    I just checked the different ones that I have and they all say Sales Associate. Oh, and I also asked my reg. SA for a bunch of her cards and I've passed them on to freinds.
  7. i have cards that are "Sales Associate", "Operations and Shoe Manager", "Store Manager" etc. i say....go with the one you feel most comfortable working with AND who is most reliable to pull through for you on things.

    i recently left my regular boutique in search of a new one because the service was sub-par. i was sooooooooooo disappointed and the things she said was inexcusable. so i cut off that LV and started looking for a new one and i have found a FAB one where i know everyone in the store now. once you find a store where everyone can help you, you won't feel so obligated to just work with one SA. everyone can help you. :yes: in that sense, you won't feel bag like you're "cheating" on your regular SA.
  8. It says Assistant Manager under my SA's name. She's very sweet and helpful. I think I'll be sticking to her as long as she's there from now on! It's hard finding a good SA ya know! But like others have pointed out, stay with the one that you feel most comfortable with :tup::tup:
  9. Thanks everyone! I agree that it would be ideal to be helped by everyone and anyone in the boutique, but of course there are the occasional snotty SA's. Neither of these women are snotty, one is a little "spacier" than the other but both have come through for me in different ways.
  10. I noticed your from the LA area, do you mind if I ask which boutique you shop at now that has the great service?
  11. jellybebe, which store do you shop at? The hotel vancouver store or the one in holt? I'll be able to recommend you my SA if you like.
  12. I shop at both, but the one I was talking about is the Fairmont one. Who's your SA? PM me if you want!
  13. Monika at Hotel Vancouver's. She's very very nice. However, she's gone for vacation for two weeks. So catch her then :biggrin: She remembers my name after one visit! And I didn't even buy anything... I'm sure you'll like her. Tell her you know me, but whatever, she's nice regardless :biggrin:
  14. ^ Is she the little Latin/Spanish one? She might have gotten something for me the last time I was there.
  15. I think I know which one you're talking about. She has black hair and usually ties them up in a pony tail? She's nice too but she's not the one I'm referring to, my SA actually doesn't look like latin/spain she did however mentioned that she's from Europe. She has dirty blonde color hair.