My SA called......

  1. My SA called and there is FINALLY a damier speedy 25 available, BUT the waiting list is still very long for my 30 (about a month and a half).

    So I am torn, i do feel the 30 is BIG, but then thats the whole point right? Thats the whole appeal of the big bag. the 25 on the other hand is already big enough to hold all my stuff. i really want to get my hands on a damier speedy already....SOOOOOO should I wait for the 30 or just get the 25? I like both, although Im a bit more comfortable carrying the 25...I just dont want to regret my purchase later on and wish I had waited for the 30. :hysteric:
  2. Personally I would get the 25 if it was available, but I have a hard time waiting for anything.
  3. there's one available on eluxury!
  4. I hope you get one ASAP!!! ;)
  5. elux doesnt mail out international.....
  6. ooh.. :Push: i didn't know where you're from! Sorry! :flowers:
  7. if you are more comfortable with the 25 then i say go for it.
  8. I like big bags so I'd go with the 30. Go with what you love.
  9. I personally like the 25 better~~, its a lota cuter, and since you have many big bags...why not get one that just to hold some essentials?:graucho:
  10. i like the 25 better. but im really petite anyway, so the 30 will look too big on me.
  11. thanks guys! im going to LV tomorrow and i will try on the 25 and see how i really feel....i might be coming home with my SECOND LV bag....:love:
  12. go get it girl, then you can get the 30 later when it's already available..... :yes:
  13. Let us know how it goes, I think it's a decision that you really can't make without trying them on. Personally I love my 25
  14. In the Damier Speedy, I really prefer the 25 BUT why don't you go try the bag in the store and see which you like best?

    I don't think you should make your decision on which bag is available especially since the 30 will be available in a month or so.
  15. I personally love the 25. But it seem like you have yer heart set on the 30. If you love the 30 then wait for it. Is there a wait list for the 25? Because if there isn't a wait list for the 25, then I would wait for the 30 to come in and then compare it to the 25 and see which one I like more.