My SA Called! The PCE is Extended...

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  1. I would have put this in the PCE thread but was worried that it might get lost since the PCE was supposed to be over yesterday. Mods--please accept my apologies!

    My SA called to tell me that the PCE was being extended until June 30th and that it included Chelsea and some new legacy items and accessories! I asked if it was this particular store and they said that they believe it is company wide--they just got the news this morning about it!

    You may want to place a call about anything outstanding!:yahoo:
  2. wow, sales must be down or something, june 30th is still a while away....
  3. I am so sad my store didnt send me a coupon! I buy so much every month, from the store, outlet and online, and I never get one lol. I guess I need the secret decoder ring for the next PCE! I even asked if I could have one, or if mabye they forgot to mail me one *laugh*, and I was told, if I didnt get one, they couldnt give me the % off.
  4. wow.. i would go to another store.. I have never even bought at a boutique and I just asked and got it!! It makes a huge difference!!
  5. Grr! I already bought stuff and they took my coupon! Is there any way to still get the discount by them seeing on the reciept that I had that 25% off coupon?

  6. If you want to buy something, I'd call a store and tell them what you'd like to order (after verifying the PCE has been extended). Tell them that you know they do phone orders and would like to have it handled this way.

    It's amazing how much variation there is in whether something will get done or not based upon the SA and managers. There are some really wonderful ones there who want to help in any way possible--it just may take a few phone calls to get the right one!:yes:

  7. Say it ain't so.......rushing off to find cell phone to hit Coach on the speed dial (yes I have the store on speed dial.....#7)!!!
  8. WHAT?@?@


    i was JUST about to make a post about how i was sad that the PCE was over and i didn't order more!! i should call my store!
  9. Oh boy...

    This could get ugly... :wtf:

    For my bank account! :roflmfao:
  10. WHAT?!?!? :wtf: Are you serious??

    I would seriously consider buying that Clay bag if I could get 25% off on it... Can anyone else confirm or deny??? Our darling SAs??? Anyone??

    I may have to go bug my local store this week if so..... :graucho: (Me want Legacy in Clay, and me wanty now!) :p
  11. NICE!:tup:

    Hooray! I wanted to buy few more things!:graucho:

    I wonder if when I get my frog keychains in I can go to the boutique and get the 25% off them?:confused1: (I just ordered them last night)

  12. May I submit my most humble apologies to all the DH/SOs who thought they had weathered this storm...

    Ditto for your credit cards!

    I went ahead and ordered the natural leather french purse; I had let it go by but not now! You can also order the newer ones as well with the PCE!
  13. I don't think previously purchased merchandise is eligible?

    Correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. man now i'm thinking about all the new things i want to buy! my store is going to be sick of me!

    what should i get?!
  15. I think I might get something small. Like a scarf- I want the legacy ponytail, or a keyfob or something? Or perfume! IDK!

    So we can call it in and order? And what about shipping? Free?