My SA Angel did his magic once again

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  1. Few months ago, when I returned back to H due to getting a super orange path got very steep...I causally asked this bag in the size but got the answer more likely impossible. It wasn't been ordered in Canada for hope was gone (only 4 boutiques in the country and very limited stock comparing US) However he has located one last one in the country and managed to get it in for me!!!

  2. I'm here and already very happy for you! Show us!!
  3. Here
  4. Woohoo!! Let's see!
  5. Here too
  6. :party: too early at the party....
  7. Lets see what's inside...
  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460251264.155977.jpg
  9. Wow
    Very big box haha
    Open sesame
  10. Very exciting! Open! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Tired of hitting refresh haha.
  12. Open please
  13. Show us please! Show us! What is in that orange Box?
  14. Ok let's start with the small one
    Have been trying very hard to locate
    Rodeo GM charm

    Etain Goliath double tour bracelet
  15. I have MM rodeo in anemone, but never find a chance to use it, lol