My SA and Viviana 325, the enablers! lol omg

  1. ok, here's the story: waltzed through Saks the other day and of course went into Chanel dept. My SA, Marta, says "Claudia, by the way, I have something for you"....she takes out the Melrose drawstring bag in the "fade" (like a tie dye, cream fading into smoky black) and with that adorable white CC charm that says "Chanel" all over on one side of it. The bag is trendy yet stunning.....I glare at her (the SA) and then break into a smile as i try her (the bag) on - finally deciding in a rare moment of clarity when it comes to Chanel, not to buy her. but then i see the adorable Viviana325 in the mall (with her new metallic flap, i should add...omg, i almost fainted) where i work and she exclaims OMG that bag is to die for, its great, how come you said no to it? (or something to that effect). So I go back and get it.......................I am beyond insane....this is an example of how swayed i can anyone else out there this out of control???????

    PS it really is gorgeous but the trendiness is bothering me now.....hmmmm
  2. Hey we have all been there!! Do you love it? That is the most important question - so what if it is trendy - it is how you feel about it and how you like it on you that counts!!
  3. I am the same way, this is why I am staying away from Chanel boutiques and department stores for awhile. I can't wait to see some pics, it sounds so pretty and fun.
  4. You're not alone, Claudia. I told my SA at NM that I'm on a ban in November, and he laughed. I have been there 3x since that conversation, and he asked me each time whatever happened to my ban!?!? So embarrassing how weak I am when faced with the beauty that is Chanel.
  5. teehee oh, i KNEW i would get the right responses!!!! lol
    love you guys! thanks, my guilt is quickly fading
  6. What guilt?-What lack of self-control?-What shopaholic chanel addiction?----Not me nor my Forum Friends....we are all insanely normal.......:heart:H
  7. Sleep on it. You don't have to decide immediately whether you want it or not. In the mean time, you have it with you to keep looking at.

    Please post pictures and we will be very honest and tell you what we think! :yes:
  8. I was just in the Town Center Mall. I love the Saks has all the brands I love under one roof. I don't shop Chanel there, since I go to my SA in Palm Beach, but my other SAs are Susan in Prada, Debi for Balenciaga, Hillary in LV, and Yolanda in shoes. Do you know any of them, Claudia? Anyhow yes, I'm very easily persuaded too. :sweatdrop:

    So do we get to see pics??? :graucho:
  9. Please post pics! And congrats on the new bag. You're not insane, you returned to purchase it cos you loved it when you tried it on and you knew you'd regret it if you didn't bring her home. sleep over it for a few days, if the love has died down then return it. and get something else? :p