My s/s 05 black city arrived! Pics!

  1. As you prob know, my friend bought a black city, I thought the bag was fake, turned out it wasn't anyway she agreed to sell to me as she is not the biggest Balenciaga fan anyway, she just fancied one. It arrived today and there were NO customs charges! Yay!

    It is so so so soft, the leather is even softer than the 05 bubblegum I had, it is kind of thinner than my rouge vif, but kind of not if you know what I mean. The bag is so soft and squishy I could literally roll it into a ball!

    Only concern though is the metal bits on the back of the handles are round and smooth and those on my rouge vif have two grooves in them and also, there are two places where there is a little bit of loose white fluff, is this ok? Please let me know!:yes: [​IMG]
  2. [​IMG]
  3. This is the flat round thing[​IMG]
  4. This is the rouge vif one[​IMG]
  5. I :heart: it !!!
    Congrats :party:!!!!!!!!!
  6. fluff[​IMG]
  7. more fluff, is this bag looking ok to you?[​IMG]
  8. Also, the shoulder strap seems far more pliable than that on my rouge vif, is this normal too?
  9. And it hangs underneath the bag and the one on my rouge vif doesn't
  10. Its fine - Balenciaga didn't start notching the rivets consistently until the summer collection of 05, so it just means your bag is from the pre-collection time-period. Also, the strap probably hangs and feels different because its an older, used bag. The leather has changed a lot since 05.
  11. Lovely!!! Congrats!
  12. smoochy leather. :drool: Very nice. Congrats!
  13. Congrats!!! So happy for you that you DID get the bag... :nuts:
  14. It looks fine to me and it's GORGEOUS! Love :heart: 2005 leather! Congratulations!
  15. Thanks! So you think the loose threads are ok then?