My RW collection

  1. I haven't ever posted an LV collection picture here, but since I have recently taken a picture of the portion of my collection I am known for (I absolutely :heart: love anything in the Robert Wilson Vernis Fluo line). I thought I would share it here.

  2. Ooh pretty. I always loved this line since I saw the Reade in the case at Neimans' a few years ago.
    This was before I was really into LV though so I didn't end up getting anything from the collection. Boo.
    I LOVE the Houston and the orange Lexington!
  3. holy moly!!! now I see why you are known for that collection ;)

    Great collection! Do you ever use them (I only ask because they all look so new) or are they just collector's pieces? Sooo pretty
  4. :love: Love them all! Thanks for sharing!:flowers:
  5. So pretty and bright, my mother would have loved those!
  6. :blink: :huh: :shocked: Ok, now I won't be able to see for a week.
  7. Wow, great RW collection!
  8. Oh... my... god... I love your collection! It's so bright and colorful! :love:
  9. OMG!!! you almost got the whole collection! :love: you didn't get the green hair cubes too? they are so cute!!!
  10. What a great and colorful collection.
  11. They are just glorious!
  12. i love your collection!!!
  13. U should've pre-warned readers abt the colours. Arrghh my eyes..... Notwithstanding, its a beautiful and complete collection. :smile:
  14. wow, that's gorgeous collection, so colorful!
  15. i love those bags, they are gorgeous!!!:biggrin::heart:
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