**My RV Money arrived!!**Pics!!**

  1. My Rouge Vif Money arrived and I absolutely love it!!:yahoo:Here are some pics!:yes::heart:

  2. FABOLOUS!!!!!!!:wlae:
  3. I love it, so very pretty! Congrats...
    (I liked the presentation of the pics as well, drumroll please!)
  4. GORGEOUS!!!! please tell me where you got it - i have a rouge vermillion, but i love the RV much better :yes:
  5. omg. so pretty. congrats!
  6. love the color:smile:
  7. Thanks so much, ladies!:flowers::heart:
  8. It's beautiful!!!! I just got an RV Money too, for Mother's Day....although mine is a rouge vermillion. :smile: Don't you just love how well-organized all the pockets and slots are? And the leather is SMOOOOOTH.
  9. :heart:
    Congratulations sweetie!!! It is gorgeous! It looks much more usable than the Compagnon. Or should I say more like a wallet, since the Compagnon is more the size of a clutch! Great choice!
  10. Beautiful, I love how the red just pops! CONGRATS, it's so exciting to see parcels! ;D
  11. Wow, Congrats!!!! It is so bright and cheery. I am thinking about getting one, when you use it let us know how it works out.
  12. Marie - Welcome to the Money Wallet Family!! Fabulous Color....it's suit u well...great choice!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  13. Thanks, ladies!:heart:I'm really happy and can only recommend it!:yes:
  14. Here's a pic for size reference:yes:
  15. Gorgeous colour! Congrats!