my run in with the forever21 hudson!

  1. so as a lot of you know, i work at a tattoo shop in long island. we are located near one of the biggest malls on the island. so you can imagine the amount of young trendy girls we get coming into our shop for piercings and tattoos after their shopping spree.

    i was at work last night, and this girl comes in to get her nose pierced. after shes done filling out the paperwork, she puts her bag on the counter, and to my suprise, its the forever 21 fake hudson that was posted on this forum last week or so. i smirked and took her into the piercing room, where i had my hudson. she then says to me, "oh we have the same bag!!" and i just laughed. her bag was just HEINOUS.

    and then this morning, i stopped at starbucks before work, and as im getting out of my car, i spot yet ANOTHER forever21 hudson (different girl this time!). now that forever21 has released this bag, i have a feeling that us tpf'ers are going to be seeing plenty more fakes! :cursing:
  2. i saw the forever 21 hudson myself a few months ago at Barneys, of all places. i remember thinking how brave the girl was because the sa's are pretty snobby and they know their designer handbags (or perhaps she had no idea the bag was a copy. who knows?). it was pretty hideous even from far away. i never thought a bag as beautiful as the hudson even in replication could ever be ugly, but forever 21 ruined that rhapsodizing theory.
  3. :throwup::throwup:
  4. I would have asked her where she got it from only because I'm evil like least it'll help to tell her that your is real and hers is not.
  5. :wtf::throwup::mad::rant:
  6. :cursing: "oh we have the same bag!!" and i just laughed. OMG tuffcookie, you are too nice. I would have we don't...LOL. That is totally insane that there are hudson knockoffs. UGH!
  7. i was going to say something evil and b*tchy, but i feel like if i did, she would've left without getting the piercing. and i need the money with the holidays around the corner. i think once she saw the differences in our bags, she realized how cheesy her knockoff MJ was. but then again, she WAS decked out head to toe forever21 gear, so maybe not! :lol:
  8. i had a run in with my fiance's cousin's fake-o fake-o stam on thanksgiving. i was like "oh you got a new bag," and to my dismay...ugh, it was an ugly fake stam that had the metal mj tag made in italy in the front..blech. but then again the other cousin was toting around her fake LV. I felt good knowing my MJ was authentic :smile:
  9. i was in target on sunday and i saw a lady in the cosmetic aisle wearing an ORANGE "stam". the bag screamed F-A-K-E! i swear, im seeing more and more fakes these days.
  10. Blah, it's gross how a lot of people can't tell the difference between fake and real... or are just too crass to care!
  11. ^ agreed!
  12. :wtf::wtf::wtf:
  13. ew i saw that this weekend! my friend was like "oh they have those marc jacobs bags you like here!" she was completely serious too. on a side note- my very best friend has a knock off of every designer bag i have... :tdown:
  14. i was at a mall once with my at the time bf waiting for him to pick out some sunglasses and there's this girl in the store with a wanna be quilted MP with SILVER hw, and i was using my large MP and she looked at me and smiled like we shared some kind of bag commraderie and i just looked at her thinking.. 'ummmm no. not at all. sorry.'
  15. ^^ :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: