My Ruby reveal.......

Apr 20, 2009
I'm really excited about this one because I've been on the lust hunt for both these items for quite some time. I'm so proud to show off my........

Ruby Heloise Hobo!!!!

and Ruby red Silverado ankle boots which to find them brand spankin' new in a 37.5 for me was a miracle!!! And for only $200!!! :yahoo:
My Heloise was 60% off!!!
Sep 23, 2009

You scored the jackpot with the BEAUTIFUL Heloise hobo in that beautiful and rare Ruby color - not to mention the gorgeous TDF ruby-red Silverado shoes!! :nuts: Love them together! Congratulations!! It's so nice to find a gorgeous combo and its such an added benefit to be able to get them at such a nice discount! I'm drooling over both...can't stop looking at the photos!