My rubbish weekend

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  1. So...on Saturday was supposed to be meeting up with my best friend to go to Harrods, and was planning to take my black Dior mini gaucho on its first official outing. Had been planning it for weeks and was really excited. It didn't happen. I spent Saturday puking and didn't even leave my flat. What a rubbish way to spend a weekend :crybaby:

    And my poor handbag STILL hasn't been out. I fear it may be feeling unloved, and that is so not the case.
  2. Theres always next week !
  3. Ah how disapointing! Hope you feel better :choochoo:
  4. Hope you feel better.
  5. Hopefully, next weekend will be a "nonrubish weekend" and that you are feeling better already!
  6. Ah thank you...I am feeling better ta...but my best friend doesn't live in London so dunno when we'll get to go shopping again :crybaby: usually we only go every few months. And next weekend I am visiting my brother so there will be no shopping then! Although I am more disappointed about not seeing my friend and not getting to take the bag out than about the not getting to least I didn't spend any money I don't have!!
  7. oh, i totally know what you mean about taking a bag out for her "maiden voyage"! i buy these purses to use and see the light of day. hope you get to go out soon!
  8. ohh i hope you feel better! don't worry, you'll have other opportunities to debut your beautiful bag!