My RT Work is just arrived!

  1. You would like to thank all the Pfers who helped me to decide myself.I just receive this Rouge Théâtre Work.
    You were right,this color is a beautifull deep red.
    This work is quiet veiny,do you think I should moisturize this baby?
    As you can watch on pics, it's never to early to appreciate Balenciaga...;)
    Work Rouge théâtre.jpg detail work.jpg Anna Work.jpg Anna Work flash.jpg
  2. :drool::nuts::yahoo:Wow!! Gorgeous RT !!!
  3. [​IMG]

    Congrats for getting ur dreambag esp in RT work....OMG:yahoo: :yahoo: It's fabulous, among all the red, i love RT the most not talkin abt the 04 true red as well the new 07 season tomato.....:heart: :heart:
  4. Congrats!

    Such a cute daughter!!!!!!!
  5. lovely daughter you have!! congrats its a very pretty bag.
  6. OMG, your baby is beyond gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

    I actually LOVE how distressed the bag is, it's not's just wrinkly. Also, I keep my bag naked, but if you're more comfortable moistualizing the bag, by all means, go ahead!

    Either way, your RT Work is beautiful.....I'm so happy that you decided to get it!
  7. Thank so much...but now,I'm as red as red my bag!!!:shame::lol:;
    Anna sends you a kiss for your nice words!
  8. soooooooooo cute!!!! love your daughters ... oh and your bag is cute too hehe
  9. Your little girl is beautiful and the RT Work is unbelievable! :nuts: I'ts perfectly distressed with lots of wrinkles. Don't worry, it's not veiny (mottled) at all. Congrats on a gorgeous find!:yahoo:
  10. Your RT Work is gorgeous, anilouann! It's such a beautiful color :heart:
  11. So beautiful and lovely, your daughter and bag! Congrats!
  12. Awwwww, what a cute girl she is :smile: Oh yes, the bag is TDF :drool:
  13. congrats~:biggrin:
  14. Congrats on a beautiful bag !! RT is one of my favorites !!
  15. it's gorgeous and your daughter is adorable! :heart: