My RT city update... pics soon!

  1. right so after all the dilemma I've gone through the past few days finding out that my RT city landed in the wrong country! right next door in Melbourne Australia when I'm in New Zealand... I started to track it again last night... and they've actually REROUTED it and its LANDED in NZ!!! so I called customer services this morning and a=they tell me its in the Courier van now and will be delivered ANY MINUTE along with my Chanel Vintage lambskin jumbo!!

    I'm sooooooo excited!!! :yahoo:... after all this mix up its finally coming home to me! I'm waiting patiently for it to arrive here.... it should be due in the next hour....

    thought I'd share the news to you and will update here with pics VERY soon!

    btw, this RT baby is BRAND SPANKING NEW TOO!!! :drinkup:
  2. congrats!! God I'd be freaking out if a bbag got shipped to the wrong ADDRESS let alone the wrong country!!!

    Thank goodness for tracking!
  3. It better be here before i go to bed.:p I know how much you wanted one and i am happy that you got it.:yahoo:
  4. Two amazing bags, how in the world can you stand the wait!
  5. ^^^ thanks karen and "L" nanaz!!! oooh I'm soooo excited! its my FIRST 05!!! and my HG color!!! bedtime already over there? I just got up over here!
  6. Wow! You are so lucky to find an RT City in brand spankin' new condition! :yahoo: I'm looking for one in good condition too but gotta wait until the BAN is over! Yes, hurry and post pics because it's 9 PM where I am and I gotta put my kids to tomorrow!:p
  7. oh trust me... I've hardly been able to sleep when I found out the RT landed in the wrong country!!! luckily the Chanel also coming from Australia and left on Friday and got here today! so I'm waiting by staring at my closet... dreaming up outfits to go with the two new babies!!!

    dang courier driver where is he?! he picked up my bags at 6.04am and its now been 6 LOOOOOOONG hours!
  8. I can't wait to see pics!!!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  9. OMG!!! its here its here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! ok, pics pics... oh I CAN SMELL THE LEATHER!!!
  10. No way!!!


    How exciting :nuts:
  11. YAY!!!! Hurry PLEASE!!!!
  12. :dothewave:YIPPPEEEE!!!! I am soooo happy for you!!!! RT is totally GORGEOUS!!!!! I'm so excited to see pics soon!!!! :dothewave:
  13. OMG!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: I am SO EXCITED for you!!!!! I just got one, too, about 3 weeks ago and it's my HG and it's SO great when you finally have it in your hands. You're SO LUCKY to have found a brand new one! I CAN"T WAIT to see it! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!
  14. ok here they are!!! I was LITERALLY SHAKING when I opened the two boxes!!! i cant tell you how gorgeous they are! the Chanel I cannot believe is in such IMMACULATE condition for a vintage piece, you'd think its new!!!

    oh dang for some reason, these pages are loading VERY slowly! this always happens when you're excited and want to post pics!
    DSC01490.JPG without flash.JPG DSC01493.JPG DSC01497.JPG without flash 2.JPG
  15. one more close up of the leather.... luscious!!! i NOW KNOW what you all talk about when you talk about 05 leather!!! :drool:
    DSC01491.JPG handles.JPG