My RP weekender is here!!! Pics

  1. It was 2nd day of Lunar New year and I was at my uncle's place at Novena which is about a 10 mins drive to LV store. For the past 2 weeks, I had my Weekender deposit slip with me everywhere I go but being the 2nd day of public holiday, I wasn't expecting LV to be opened, much less to call.

    And they did!!!! 2 pieces came in- one in yellow and the other in pink.

    My gosh... imagine the madness I went thru. I had to find some silly excuse to leave and hurried back home to find my deposit slip and get to LV store.

    I spent another 20 mins trying to decide between pink and yellow when a stranger came and said, "yellow".

    And I got my weekender yellow.

    Bonus: The SA showed me Monogram Jokes Graduate but she said that she can only sell it on the 18th Feb. Anyhow, I realised that Mancrazy uses python skin while Graduate uses just colour coated leather. Mancrazy is definitely worth every penny.

    So, here are my pics!
    DSC09233.JPG DSC09236.JPG DSC09235.JPG DSC09237.JPG DSC09242.JPG
  2. More pics of the inside and me modelling with weekender. I'm going to hug it to sleep tonight!
    DSC09239.JPG DSC09243.JPG DSC09244.JPG DSC09248.JPG DSC09250.JPG
  3. congrats!!
  4. Wow! That's some bag. Well wear.
  5. its soooo funky congrats!
  6. Oh gosh, congrats!!! :nuts:
  7. Congrats:smile:
  8. Lovely piece, congrats...
  9. That's an amazing bag, congrats!
  10. Congrats! Wow.. LV opens on 2nd day of LUNAR NEW YEAR??! HAHAH...
  11. Fantastic piece, I love the interior! I wish I could get one but the non symmetrical blue monogram on either side of the zip just bugs me! Congratulations on the bag!
  12. Yes, it amazes me as much that LV is opened on 2nd day of Lunar New Year too!
  13. It is rare to see more than 1 pockets inside an LV bag. Weekender has a 1 long pocket, 1 phone pocket at the side and another small pocket on the other side.

    RP signature is cool... but I do wish the bag to be numbered.
  14. Congrats on your bag, it looks fantastic on you! Happy Lunar New Year too :heart:
  15. wow congrats!