My Royal Bay HAS ARRIVED!!!

  1. It's gorgeous! The SA lied when she said it could be worn messenger style and hit at my hip, but oh well. I am in love with the color. Now, do you think I need to sell my indigo bbag???
    royalhanging.jpg theblues.jpg short strap.jpg long strap.jpg
  2. Wow! It is really gorgeous! Congratulations!
  3. Lovely!

    Is that a French Blue day next to it??

  4. nope, Indigo.
  5. WOWEEE!!!! That is soo pretty. I practically had a heart attack when I saw this color IRL at my local NM. Love the Bbag too! Keep them both!
  6. Lovely bag!!! :smile:
  7. Gorgeous gorgeous!!! So in love with the colour :heart:

  8. It's great!! congrats.
    I like the indigo B bag, and they're different enough to justify keeping both. I like the colour of the Bay more though!!
  9. It's gorgeous, I love it!

    I think the styles and colors are different enough to keep the indigo day bag if you love it.
  10. Congrats~ Beautiful colour!
  11. congrats!!
  12. Beautiful !!!! Keep both - they are totally different.
  13. Lovely bag congratulations.
  14. :wtf: :drool: :love: love it! and it's gorgeous on u!

    i've been aaway from chloe lately... could u tell me the retail price on this and the style of bay this is? TIA!!!
  15. Great bag and colour. Congrats!