My Rough Kelly Longue from Tokyo

  1. I just got back from Tokyo a couple days ago. I went to Hermes in Ginza and hope that I would find an interesting H bag that I don't have yet. Something for the evening or a kelly longue in bright color. ;)

    Hermes boutique is one side of the building made with large glass blocks. It is very beautiful. :tup: There are 4 stories and I went straight up to 4th floor for handbag section, I first saw the kelly longue in orange with palladium in the case, and many birkins and kellys on the shelves. For example: birkin 35 in brown, and orange, birkin 25 in fushia croc with diamond buckles, birkin 30 in natural, kelly 32 croc prorosus in yellow shade (This one is absolutely beautiful), HTC 28 in dark brown, JPG Kelly pochette in black and turquoise, mini jige in rose shocking and red lizard, mini plume in rose shocking and more.

    I walked in a little searhing for more kelly longue and finally found a red one in the last case at the bottom and I fell in love with it. :love: It was exactly what I wanted. I asked the SA to show me and I bought it right away. The price is 443,000 yen or about US$3950. (I think it is ok for the price in Tokyo, I thought it would be more expensive to buy H in Japan.) Here is the picture, the leather is veau swift, quite smooth (almost the same as gulliver which is already discontinued) with palladium hardware. The color is vermillion. :heart:

    The picture taken without flash


    With flash



  2. Sounds like a great trip, ilovemylife!

    Oh my, this is so pretty!! I have a Vermillion Swift Kelly and I just love how the colour pops in this leather!!

    :woohoo:CONGRATULATIONS! :woohoo:
  3. ilovemylife, congrats! That is a beauty!! :smile:
  4. Gorgeous, absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations!
  5. ilovemylife - I love love love vermillion swift. What a find - congratulations :smile:
  6. Love it. Congrats.

    But am I the only one who thought this was a GF/CB/S'mom/HG/Japster/Wongnumber thread when they saw the title??? :p
  7. Thank you Queenie, Kelly_Birkin, Nola, Handybags, asa :smile:

    Here are more pictures..

    I was walking to Hermes...


    Small display in a glass block


    Window displays in front of the boutique


  8. Thanks for the photos. Love that dress!
  9. TDF

    congrats dear
  10. ILovemylife- Your Kelly Lounge is gorgeous! Love your dress if you dont mind me asking what brand is it? Its fabulous !
  11. It is STUNNING!
  12. CONGRATULATIONS! It's beautiful!
  13. Thank you asa. I misspelled the title, I actually meant to say My Rouge kelly longue. Well, I guess it's ok. :p:p:p
  14. Thank you DBAGHAG :smile: The dress is vintage Emilio Pucci. :smile:
  15. It's very OK. It is so cool. I would have snapped that one up too. And the turquoise KP. Now, how about some modeling shots?