My Rouge VIF work is on a joyride. . . .

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  1. My husband and I moved last month and Fedex can't seem to locate us because the neighborhood is brand new. So, they have my Rouge VIF work riding around on the truck, and they're not sure if it will be back at the facility on not by closing. I'm considering just sitting at the office for the next five hours with a poster board size sign of the tracking number and seeing what comes in. Perhaps I could get the route of the truck and stalk it. . . oh, it's official- I'm crazy!! :wacko: I know no one but you girls would feel my pain!
  2. OMG! I would be going crazy! That happened to me once and I drove around looking for the truck. LOL. I found it, tracked him down, and got my package. hahaha! It was the UPS guy in my case and he was really nice about it all.

    Maybe you can call them and ask them to meet you at the nearest major cross street? lol..don't know if they would do that, though...

    Good luck! I'm excited for you! A Rouge Vif!!! woohooo!:yahoo:
  3. oh my, you are holding it together well. i'd be going bezerk by now.:hysteric:
    can you call fedex and have them hold it, so you can pick it up?
  4. Get this. . . fed ex just delivered another package but the nice man that thought I was nuts had no idea about my rouge. He said it must be on another truck- he even checked twice for me. That's it- I'm going to hunt her down. . . I'll be back ladies and hopefully armed with my new work and pics for all of you!
  5. The same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago where the fedex guy claimed that someone told him I moved--even though I was sitting in my apartment waiting for the bag ALL DAY! Anyways, it took about 4 extra days, in which I time I was almost ripping my hair out, but when it finally came it was SO worth it!
    You go girl!! :smile: Kick some fedex ass!
  6. omg I'll be going nuts too! Good luck, lacibraz!

  7. go get 'em, girl! take no prisoners!:biguns:
  8. Oh no! I hope you can track it down.

    ETA: Is that a great dane in your avatar?
  9. you are holding up well.... it will be worth the wait..cant wait to see it:smile:
  10. Oh, I hate to laugh but the title of your post is so funny! I hope you find her soon!!!!
    i can't believe that sometimes fedex with that much shipping cost can disappoint us... i just sent a b-bag for a buyer at UK with a LOCAL shipping company that's way cheaper than fedex, and although it said it will be there in 7 days, it's only the 4th day, and the shipping co. just called me to ask the receiver's phone number because they want to make sure the receiver's be in there when they delivered it. talk about nice service :P
  12. seahorse, i have to agree.... i've had bad experience with fedex as well. one time, i waited at home all day waiting for a package that was suppose to come that day.... they never came and when i checked online it said they attempted delivery, but no one ever came. ugh!
    i have better service with united states parcel. it's more reliable and cheaper too.
  13. how about DHL? anyone have experience with them?
  14. I've had fabulous service with USPS Priority Mail. it delivers when it says it will be delivered and quick too!
  15. Are those the ones with the red and yellow logo? If so, I've had bad experiences. They *never* ring the doorbell or knock on the door and 2 times, they just threw the package against my door(literally). I knew because I was looking out the window and saw her approaching my walk way and then chuck my package at my door while she was still several feet away! I ran to yell at them but the lady just jumped in her van and they drove away(with me yelling at them. lol). There was a bit dent on the side where it hit my door, but fortunately, the contents were packaged well and sustained no damage. I hate DHL.