My Rouge VIF Day & matching shoes **PICS**

  1. Here it is w/ my Chloe flats:
    BBAG - rouge VIF.jpg BBAG - rouge VIF 2.jpg
  2. Wow, that's a great match! They look TDF.
  3. they look great japskivt!! :yes: too bad i'm too shy to wear colorful shoes :cry:
  4. Great match, looks great!
  5. oh super cute!!!
  6. Gorgeous!! You're making me want those chloe shoes now lol!
  7. great, love the color!
  8. Saucy!! :graucho:
  9. woo hoo!
  10. wow, very pretty! Love the two colors.
  11. ooooohhhhhhh! SOOOO PRETTTTY!!!

    Love the flats and the rouge vif! They go so well together!
  12. So niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I love it!!! :yahoo::heart:
  13. What a perfect match! :heart:
    Congrats on your lovely new bag and shoes! :yahoo:
  14. loove it!
  15. GORGEOUS!!!! i'm crazy about those shoes!!!!

    p.s. oh, and the bag isn't bad either...:graucho: