My Rouge Vif courier didn't sell :-(

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  1. I really wanted to get a black first. Alas, not meant to be I guess. :sad: :sad:
  2. My apple green first didn't sell either :sad: I think this is a really slow selling time, even rare bags are going for very cheap. My frist was listed with a starting price of less than $1000 & it's in fabulous condition! I dunno what to do! I need to pay my credit card bill!! :sweatdrop:
  3. Try again!!!!!!!
  4. It's for sale again & no one is even watching it :sad: I am so sad, the bag is beautiful, I don't know why no one wants it! I don't think I did anything wrong in the listing?
  5. i think a lot of people are just broke.
  6. It's not just your bag Yhassan. Bags haven't been selling well on Ebay at all. Even the rare ones that used to go for so much have been hard to sell at low prices! It's crazy. I think it's because it's a slow selling period and everyone is on purse bans and people don't trust/want to buy on Ebay. :sad:
  7. Are you offering it for sale in all the countries? I find that a lot of my buyers are from outside the US.
  8. I know what you mean, my Magenta Purse didnt sell either. I thought for sure it would be grabbed up, but naturally the day I listed 5 other Magenta bags appeared on ebay. not good....BUT, it just means that I will keep her. It was a sign. (right nanaz?);) I'm gonna probably wait until after the holidays to see if I want to list it again. I listed my Chloe Tekla 3x and NOTHING, not even any offers.
  9. My Ice blue ones didn't sell either. It's been slow this year for all buying/selling.
  10. I offer to send the bag internationally but still nothing. It is just frusterating bc I already purchased my apple green city so I really need the money to pay it off on my credit card. I guess that's what I get for buying a new bag without selling mine first but I couldn't resist & I really didn't think it was going to be this hard to sell! :crybaby:
  11. sorry to hear you are both having a hard time selling!
    the apple green is a very specific bag. i do think people are waiting for spring b-bags or just don't have funds right now. it's just unfortunately a slow time for sales.
  12. I believe in those signs too :P !
    My Ink work didn't sell neither , offers were just way too low. I've listed it once again but will not "sale" it. And if it doesn't sell :yahoo: !!! I can tell hubby I really tried and since I saw Toni's pics I honestly hope it won't.:blush:
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