My Rouge Vif came today...

  1. ...and all of my doubts have been OBLITERATED - she is gorgeous. Here is the best pic i could get (it is dark right now)

  2. okay, wow, that is huge.... enjoy an up close and personal perspective : )
  3. Beautiful! Congratulations, and carry her in health and happiness.
  4. It's another absolutely perfect Rouge VIF! Congratulations on your gorgeous new City!
  5. Wooo! Join the Rouge Vif club :smile: The color's just gorgeous isn't it?!
  6. Gosh, that Rouge VIF is just stunning! Congrats!
  7. looks terrific on you. may you enjoy many happy days with your new bag. it is perfection
  8. I :heart: her... why are bbags SO addictive??? I want a S/S '07 color now. I need to be satisfied with this, lol...
  9. So gorgeous! I love it!
  10. Beautiful!!! :yahoo:
  11. Wow, that rouge vif looks gorgeous! Congrats! :smile:
  12. congrats on getting a rouge vif city... i really DO love this colour! thanks for sharing pics!
  13. Welcome to the Rouge Vif lovers mania~!
  14. Congrats!
  15. :drool: Just gorgeous! The color is TDF! Congrats.